1 Person Injured in 6-Vehicle Crash on Highway 79 near Gilman Springs Road [San Jacinto, CA]

Jaiah Metcalf Killed in Crash on Alamo Drive and Alamo Lane [Vacaville, CA]

Jaiah Metcalf and Alazae Jeffrey Killed in Crash on Alamo Drive and Alamo Lane [Vacaville, CA]

Jaiah Metcalf and Alazae Jeffrey Killed in Crash on Alamo Drive and Alamo Lane [Vacaville, CA]

2 Women Killed in Vacaville Accident on 80 Freeway

VACAVILLE, CA (June 4, 2020) – Monday morning, Jaiah Metcalf and Alazae Jeffrey died in a crash on Alamo Drive.
The incident came from police pursuing the vehicle Jaiah Metcalf and Alazae Jeffrey were in, driven by Tayshawn Larun Clayton, 21.
The car chase initially began eastbound on the 80 Freeway.
However, as Clayton’s car exited onto Alamo Drive, the chase “was terminated and the car ended up crashing,” according to police.
According to further reports, the crash happened near the market on the 1400 block of Alamo Drive and Alamo Lane.
The Solano County Coroner later revealed the identities of the victims as 21-year-old Jaiah Metcalf of Sacramento and 19-year-old Alazae Jeffrey of Elk Grove.
Meanwhile, CHP Solano spokesman Dave Harvey identified the driver as 21-year-old Tayshawn Larun Clayton of Sacramento.

Vacaville Crash Aftermath and Pending Investigation

Subsequently, the police arrested Clayton and took him to a local hospital for treatment. Afterward, the authorities booked him into Solano County Jail, Harvey revealed.
His charges were as follows: two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter, one count of evading police resulting in serious bodily injury or death. Moreover, other charges were one count of drug-related DUI resulting in bodily injury. Furthermore, the police set Clayton’s bail at $183, 333.

To the grieving friends and families of Jaiah Metcalf and Alazae Jeffrey, our deepest sympathies go out to you. Also, we hope you find peace in light of this devastating loss.

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