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Bicyclist Hospitalized after Collision on Highway 99 [Fresno, CA]

Bicyclist Hospitalized After Collision on Highway 99 [Fresno, CA]

Bicyclist Hospitalized After Collision on Highway 99 [Fresno, CA]


Collision on Highway 99 in Fresno Injures Bicyclist

Fresno, CA (July 22, 2020)– A bicyclist was injured and hospitalized following a vehicle collision on Highway 99 on Tuesday morning.
The California Highway Patrol is investigating the crash, which happened on July 21 on Highway 99.
According to the report, a bicyclist was seen traveling northbound on-ramp at Golden State Boulevard at around 8:30 a.m. The bicyclist reportedly approached the front of a vehicle coming from the opposite direction.
Then, the driver of the vehicle struck the bicyclist.
The bicyclist sustained leg and body injuries from the crash. He was transported to the hospital for treatments and he is expected to recover soon.
Meanwhile, CHP confirmed that the fault was at the bicyclist for traveling on the highway.
Whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, it is important to abide by all traffic laws and observe safety precautions. As a bicyclist, drive only on the designated roads for you to avoid an unforeseen accident just like the collision on Highway 99. When behind the wheel, it is important to always be on the lookout for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists. By doing this, you can keep yourself and others safe.

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