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Dos Muertos en Accidente de peatones por DUI   GOLETA, CA (February 11, 2020) Dos personas murieron en un accidente peatonal por DUI en Cathedral Oaks Road el 9 de febrero.   El CHP reveló inicialmente que el accidente ocurrió aproximadamente a las 5:15 p.m. en Cathedral Oaks Road.   Más específicamente, el accidente ocurrió […]

Rafael Moreno Bulman Killed in Scooter Crash on 805 Freeway [San Ysidro, CA]

Rafael Moreno Bulman Killed in Scooter Crash on 805 Freeway [San Ysidro, CA]

Rafael Moreno Bulman Killed in Scooter Crash on 805 Freeway [San Ysidro, CA]

Rafael Moreno Bulman Dies in Scooter Crash on 805 Freeway in San Ysidro

San Ysidro, CA (April 30, 2020) – On April 15th, 66 year old Rafael Moreno Bulman was killed in a scooter accident on the 805 freeway.
Reportedly, Mr. Moreno Bulman’s scooter collided with another vehicle on the 805 highway on the evening of April 15.
Subsequently, the force from the crash threw him off of his bike and onto a nearby gore point on the State Route 905 overcrossing.
As a result, he sustained several blunt force injuries that resulted in his death.
According to reports, witnesses called 9-1-1 and first responders immediately went to the scene of the crash.
Unfortunately, Mr. Moreno Bulman could not be resuscitated, and officers pronounced him dead on site.
Currently there are no reports of any other factors that contributed to the accident.

While Mr. Moreno Bulman’s loved ones grieve his untimely death, we at Sweet Lawyers extend our deepest condolences.

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