Tow-Truck Crashes into River on Highway 50 [West Sacramento, CA]

Tow Truck Crashes into River on Highway 50 [West Sacramento, CA]

Tow Truck Crashes into River on Highway 50 [West Sacramento, CA]

Truck Plunges into River after Collision with Semi-Truck near Jefferson Boulevard

WEST SACRAMENTO, CA (March 26, 2019) – A tow-truck crashed into a river on westbound Highway 50, Tuesday evening.
Authorities received calls about the collision at approximately 8:23 PM. Dispatchers arrived just east of Jefferson Boulevard soon after. Based on an initial report, a tow-truck struck a semi before rolling into the Sacramento River. The circumstances leading up to the initial collision are currently unclear.
Furthermore, the condition of the occupants inside the truck has not been updated. Recovery efforts were eventually called off because of dangerous water conditions. The semi-truck driver remained unharmed.
No more information has been released at this time. Moreover, an investigation is currently ongoing to determine further details.
Big vehicles like trucks are often involved in road accidents due to their size. In driving any size of vehicle, it is important to drive defensively and always abide by all driving laws. This way, you can ensure the safety of yourself and surrounding vehicles, motorists, and pedestrians.

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