Teen Girl Injured after Crashing Into Building on Hoen Avenue [Santa Rosa, CA]

Teen Girl Injured after Crashing into Building on Hoen Avenue [Santa Rosa, CA]

Teen Girl Injured after Crashing into Building on Hoen Avenue [Santa Rosa, CA]

Teen Girl Hurt after Car Plows into Santa Rosa Apartment Complex

SANTA ROSA, CA (April 8, 2019) – A 16-year-old girl suffered injuries when a car plowed into an apartment complex on Hoen Avenue near Yulupa Avenue.
Paramedics transported the 16-year-old girl to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
According to investigators, the girl’s mother left her daughter and a family friend inside the Kia Optima as she tended to a friend at the apartment complex located at 4040 Hoen Ave.
Per reports, the mother left the vehicle in park but running at the time. Meanwhile, the 14-year-old family friend hopped into the driver’s seat of the vehicle while the 16-year-old girl stood between the driver’s side door and the body of the car.
Shortly after, the teen girl was instructing the 14-year-old boy about the vehicle’s control. Yet suddenly, the boy put the vehicle in gear, stepped onto the accelerator and proceeded forward until the car struck the building.
The girl, pinned between the door and the car, was dragged until the vehicle plowed into the apartment complex.
The incident drew paramedics and officers to the scene. As far as the teen driver, police issued him a complaint citation for driving unlicensed on private property.
Car accidents happen when we’re not careful or experienced to drive. It’s crucial to your safety to understand how to operate a vehicle and to operate it with responsibility. To avoid causing a crash, be alert and conscious of your actions when behind the wheel.

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