Angeles Palomino Dies in Hit-and-Run Crash on Garfield Avenue and Via Paseo [Montebello, CA]

Michael Tran Arrested after Crashing Into Protesters on Truxtun Avenue and H Street [Bakersfield, CA]

Michael Tran Arrested After Crashing Into Protesters on Truxtun Avenue and H Street [Bakersfield, CA]

Michael Tran Arrested After Crashing Into Protesters on Truxtun Avenue and H Street [Bakersfield, CA]


Michael Tran Injures 15-Year-Old Girl From Downtown Bakersfield Protest

Bakersfield, CA (June 5, 2020)Michael Tran injured a minor after crashing into protesters in downtown Bakersfield on Friday.
The incident happened on May 29 when a vehicle drove through protesters on Truxtun Avenue and H Street.
The suspect, a 31-year-old man identified as Michael Tran, now faces new charges while still on parole.
Subsequently, various people videotaped Tran speeding through the crowd in the intersection of Truxtun Avenue and H Street. Authorities reported at least one person, a 15-year-old girl, injured from the crash.
According to a court document, Tran carries a violent past. He holds various charges including casualty with a deadly weapon in 2018. In addition, he’s also charged with willful cruelty to a child, second-degree burglary, and battery.
Furthermore, the court document said the judge dismissed all those charges, and gave him three years probation.
Moreover, Tran awaits a hearing on Tuesday for this new case. He is also arraigned for a hearing on a probation violation on Wednesday.
In the case of the injured girl from the crash, it is crucial for her family to be aware of their rights. This means, that there may be a right to file a lawsuit. This can help the victim in getting justice and rightful compensation for the damages the accident caused.

What’s Next For The Girl’s Family

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