No Injuries Reported in Crash on Figueroa Street near 54th Street [Los Angeles, CA]

Lauren Dupuis-Perez and Kamel Dupuis-Perez Die in Vehicle Crash on Ambaum Boulevard Southwest [Burien, WA]

Lauren Dupuis-Perez and Kamel Dupuis-Perez Die in Vehicle Crash on Ambaum Boulevard Southwest [Burien, WA]

Lauren Dupuis-Perez and Kamel Dupuis-Perez Die in Vehicle Crash on Ambaum Boulevard Southwest [Burien, WA]

Lauren Dupuis-Perez of Arbor Heights Killed in Ambaum Boulevard Southwest Crash, Irene Plancarte-Bustos Arrested

Burien, WA (April 12, 2021) – On Tuesday, 35-year-old Lauren Dupuis-Perez and her husband, 38-year-old Kamel Dupuis-Perez, both from Arbor Heights, died in a vehicle crash on Ambaum Boulevard Southwest.
The fatal crash took place in the afternoon when 26-year-old Irene Plancarte-Bustos from Seattle was speeding in a white Toyota Camry.
Reports said her 3-year-old son was her passenger at that time. She was traveling 56 mph in a 35 mph zone.
She was northbound on Ambaum Boulevard Southwest when she side-swiped a car. Apparently, she scraped its paint, and struck the driver’s side mirror, and drove north.
Subsequently, Plancarte-Bustos slammed into a Toyota Yaris that spun counterclockwise into a southbound lane. As a result, the vehicle was T-boned by a Dodge Ram pickup.
Unfortunately, the couple inside the Yaris, Lauren Dupuis-Perez and Kamel Dupuis-Perez died at the scene.
Furthermore, the King County Medical Examiner’s Office said the couple died from multiple blunt force injuries. The couple’s death was ruled an accident.
Sadly, the couple left two children. They go to the St. Joseph School in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.
The pickup driver that hit the Yaris when it spun out of control sustained non-fatal injuries. People who saw the incident said she was “driving normally and slammed on her brakes, but was unable to avoid the collision,”.

Police Arrested Her in a Mini-Mart

Plancarte-Bustos drove a couple more blocks and pulled into a mini-mart parking lot. She allegedly did not try to contact the police.
Arresting officers said Plancarte-Bustos showed “several signs of intoxication,”.
She initially said she hadn’t been drinking, but later told the officers she’d had a Four Loko, which they later found in the passenger seat area.
Similarly, she told the officers she was in a rush when she was asked about the accident.
Luckily, Plancarte-Bustos’ son was not injured in the accident and is currently with a relative.
On Friday, prosecutors charged her with two counts of vehicular homicide, felony hit-and-run, attended vehicle hit-and-run, and reckless driving.
Currently, she is being held on $250,000 bail.
Moreover, she is scheduled to be arraigned on April 22 at the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent.
Here is the link to the couples’ GoFundMe link.

Sweet Lawyers would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Lauren Dupuis-Perez and Kamel Dupuis-Perez. Our hearts are with you through these trying times.

The Aftermath of Fatal Vehicle Accidents

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