2 People Hospitalized after Crash on The Old Road and Weldon Canyon Road [Newhall, CA]

Juan Leal and Carlos Perez Involved in Accident on Avenue 280 near Road 48 [Visalia, CA]

Juan Leal and Carlos Perez Involved in Accident on Avenue 280 near Road 48 [Visalia, CA]

Juan Leal and Carlos Perez Involved in Accident on Avenue 280 near Road 48 [Visalia, CA]]

Injuries Reported in Visalia Crash on Avenue 280 near Road 48

VISALIA, CA (January 21, 2021) – Wednesday afternoon, Juan Leal and Carlos Perez got into an accident on Avenue 280, leading to major injuries.
The crash between a pickup truck and a milk tanker happened at about 1:30 p.m. Moreover, it occurred on Avenue 280 near Road 48 in Tulare County, said the CHP.
Meanwhile, the Tulare County Fire Department confirmed that a person was trapped in their vehicle.
Eventually, the CHP reported that a pickup truck occupant suffered severe injuries. Thus, responders airlifted the person to the hospital.
Also, the incident led to the closure of one of the roadways. Furthermore, the authorities advised motorists to avoid the area.
The Visalia crash remains under active investigation.
Due to a truck’s significant size and power, drivers cannot stop quickly or maneuver easily like other vehicles, and thus they need additional time to react and adjust their speed.
As a truck driver, be mindful of your size and weight when gaining speed or making turns. By doing so, you can help to ensure the safety of yourself and others around you.

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney After Accident on Avenue 280 near Road 48

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