Jayden Arias Killed, Harvey Jacobo Suspect in DUI Car Accident [Fresno, CA]

Jayden Arias Killed, Harvey Jacobo Arrested after DUI Accident [Fresno, CA]

Jayden Arias Killed, Harvey Jacobo Arrested after DUI Accident [Fresno, CA]

Jayden Arias Killed, Harvey Jacobo Arrested after DUI Accident [Fresno, CA]

15-Year-Old Boy Pronounced Dead after Bicycle Collision in Fresno

FRESNO, CA (May 11, 2020) – 15-year-old Jayden Arias was killed while Harvey Jacobo was arrested after a DUI car accident.
“Absolutely senseless crash that took a young juvenile’s life,” Porterville Police Capt. Jake Castellow said.
According to investigators, Arias was traveling on a bike when the alleged DUI driver struck and killed him. After the crash, 23-year-old Harvey Jacobo fled the scene.
Fortunately, information from a witnesses led authorities to arrest of the suspect at his home, just five miles from the crash scene.
“They were able to track the suspect to his residence on Milo St., and he was taken into custody for felony DUI causing injuries,” Castellow added.

Aftermath of Fatal Accident

Meanwhile, reports revealed that Jayden Arias studied as a sophomore at Porterville high school. Moreover, medical responders transported him to the hospital. However, he later died due to his injuries.
“My heart breaks for them and the other bicyclists that are trying to enjoy the weather and be out,” Castellow stated. “Our job is going to be primarily keeping them safe and the motorists of Porterville.”
According to the Porterville Police, the incident wasn’t the first DUI arrest for Harvey Jacobo.
He was reportedly on probation for felony DUI and drove with a suspended license.
“Jacobo was required to utilize an interlock device which was not used in this case,” Castellow revealed. “He was driving under the influence and struck this individual.”

Losing a loved one is never easy. We are extending our sincere condolences to the grieving family of Jayden Arias during this difficult time.

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