1 Person Injured in 3 Car Crash at Highway 50 and Airport Road [Carson City, NV]

Ezra Benitez Survives Rollover SUV Crash on Highway 99 [Turlock, CA]

Ezra Benitez Survives Rollover SUV Crash on Highway 99[Turlock, CA]

Ezra Benitez Survives Rollover SUV Crash on Highway 99[Turlock, CA]

Ezra Benitez Escapes Severe Injury Following Solo-Car Accident on Highway 99 Near West Main Street

TURLOCK, CA (December 13, 2019)—A newborn child escaped severe injury following Sunday’s rollover collision on Highway 99 near West Main Street.
According to the California Highway Patrol, 6-week-old Ezra Benitez miraculously survived a rollover collision on Highway 99. CHP said a family’s Cadillac SUV crashed near the West Main Street exit while traveling south on the highway.
Authorities determined that the car seat in which Ezra Benitez was nestled in flew out of a broken window as the vehicle overturned multiple times. Ezra’s father, Ulizes Benitez, crawled out of the SUV and began fervently searching for his newborn son.
Officials found the child on top of a bush and the car seat It landed perfectly, with no scratches.
However, Ezra’s mother sustained rib, tailbone and pelvic fractures while his toddler-aged brother suffered no type of injuries.
The cause of the crash remains unclear at this point, but investigators plan to determine the events preceding the accident.
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