Woman Killed, Daryl Howard Injured in Crash on Highway 299 [Salyer, CA]

Driver Injured, Passenger Arrested in Stine Road Crash [Bakersfield, CA]

Driver Injured, Passenger Arrested in Stine Road Crash [Bakersfield, CA]

Driver Injured, Passenger Arrested in Stine Road Crash [Bakersfield, CA]

Woman Arrested after Car Crash on Stine Road in Bakersfield

Bakersfield, CA (February 4, 2021) – Thursday evening, a driver sustained injuries after his car crashed into a fire hydrant and tree on Stine Road and Pine Castle Avenue.
Subsequently, police arrested the female passenger who allegedly pulled the steering wheel, forcing the driver to lose control and crash.
The Bakersfield crash happened at around 9 p.m on February 4.
Reportedly, the woman was a passenger in the SUV and got into an argument with the driver. She allegedly pulled the steering wheel as they traveled northbound on Stine Road, forcing the driver to lose control of the SUV and crash.
Both the driver and the woman sustained minor to moderate injuries.
Moreover, the crash also caused a small fire underneath the car’s hood, but neighbors put out the fire with garden hoses.

What Follows For the Parties Involved in this Bakersfield Crash

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