David Matthew Montalvo Dies after Jumping Out of Car on Russell Road and Buffalo Drive [Las Vegas, NV]

Driver Injured in Hit-And-Run Rollover Crash at 37th Street and Hoyt Avenue [Everett, WA]

Driver Injured in Hit-And-Run Rollover Crash at 37th Street and Hoyt Avenue [Everett, WA]

Driver Injured in Hit-And-Run Rollover Crash at 37th Street and Hoyt Avenue [Everett, WA]

Woman Hospitalized after Hit-And-Run Rollover Crash at 37th Street Everett

Everett, WA (May 28, 2020)– Thursday night, one unidentified woman sustained injuries in a hit-and-run rollover crash at 37th Street and Hoyt Avenue.
According to Everette police reports, the crash involved a car and a van. After the collision, the van rolled onto its side. Everett firefighters rescued the female driver from the wreckage. She then immediately transported to Providence Regional Medical Center.
Meanwhile, the causing vehicle was found abandoned about a mile south of the scene. There were two people in that car.
Moreover, a witness said that accidents like this happened once a month in the intersection, adding that the intersection at 37th and Hoyt have stop signs in the north and southbound direction on Hoyt but no control east and west on 37th. “Maybe this will convince the City to do something.”
At this time, Everett Police is still looking for the causing driver.

Auto Accidents

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