Car-Tow Truck Accident Slows Traffic on Highway 101 [Ventura, CA]

Car-Tow Truck Accident Slows Traffic on Highway 101 [Ventura, CA]

Car-Tow Truck Accident Slows Traffic on Highway 101 [Ventura, CA]

Car-Tow Truck Crash Spilled Diesel Fuel on Southbound Highway 101 in Ventura

Ventura, CA (September 22, 2020) – On Monday, a car-tow truck accident slowed down traffic on Highway 101 in Ventura.

The CHP‘s Officer Steve Lutzke said that at least 50 gallons of diesel fuel were spilled on the ground due to the collision.

Moreover, Lutzke confirms that the crash happened around 7:30 a.m. consequently closing lane no 3.

Additionally, police describe the scene as a hazardous material spill.

Coincidentally, the Patriot Environmental Services are there to clean up the spilled fuel.

Furthermore, Officer Lutzke describes the crash as the car hitting the center divider, and the truck pulling to the right off the road that the spilled happened.

Meanwhile, authorities say that the amount of diesel spilled is about 50 to  60 gallons.

Lastly, the CHP expects the lane is closed up until 12 noon.

The Aftermath of a Disastrous Crash

Roadways, while scrupulously created and mapped for efficient travel, are one of the most dangerous settings. Coincidentally as common of an occurrence as they are, many people do not suspect what follows in the event of a car crash.

Before anything else, seek medical attention if you have been hurt. Then, get to a safe place to prevent further damage or injury. Next, collect as much information as possible: insurance and contact information of people involved in the accident, documentation of fault, and whatever else that can be used for evidence. Afterward, file a police report or incident report by calling 911. Lastly, hire an experienced personal injury attorney from Sweet Lawyers.

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