2 Drivers Injured in Multi-Vehicle Collision on Highway 89 (Hat Creek, CA)

2 Drivers Injured in Multi-Vehicle Collision on Highway 89 (Hat Creek, CA)

2 Drivers Injured in Multi-Vehicle Collision on Highway 89 (Hat Creek, CA)

2 Drivers Injured after Bus and 3 Big Rigs Collide in Hat Creek

HAT CREEK, CA (May 9, 2019) – A multi-vehicle collision on Highway 89 Tuesday afternoon left two drivers injured. The accident occurred half-mile south of Lava Flat Lane and about seven miles southeast of the junction of Highway 89 and Highway 299.
At around 4:00 p.m., a bus dropping off students in the Hat Creek area; and three, fully loaded, tractor-trailer combos slammed into each other while trying to stop for the bus. The lead big rig slowed down when it spotted the bus pull to the side of the road and activate its red flashers. However, the two trucks behind it were unable to slow or stop in time, causing the three big rigs to plow into each other.
Witnesses described one of the big rigs as a Walmart tractor-trailer combo with a loaded, 53-foot trailer. The second big rig was a fully loaded hauler out of the British Columbia area. The third truck has no readily available description.
Investigators are determining which of the three semi-trucks was leading the group when the accident happened, how fast the trucks were traveling, or why the trio of rigs was unable to safely stop in time for the school bus.

Two drivers suffered minor injuries in the crash. They complained of pain but did not require medical treatment.

First alerted to the crash were the California Highway Patrol and other area emergency personnel. 911 callers reported at least two of the big rigs sustained front-end and radiator damage. At least one was inoperable and blocked the traffic.

The CHP’s incident log indicated that Keith’s Towing dispatched two heavy-duty wreckers to the scene at around 6:00 p.m. The CHP dispatchers managed to locate the third wrecker about fifteen minutes later.

The accident did not cause a significant delay in area traffic. Vehicles moved slowly past the damaged trucks while these waited to be towed from the scene. The CHP is investigating the chain-reaction crash.

It is important to always focus on the road and be aware of your surroundings when driving. Anticipate what the other drivers might do, especially on a highway, an interchange, or a service road. Driving with caution and following the conditions of the road can help prevent accidents. These have devastating consequences for you and for others.

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