3 People Hospitalized after Major Crash on 7th Street and Hewitt Street [San Jacinto, CA]

1 Airlifted after Two-Vehicle Crash near Tyler Street and Avenue 53 [Coachella, CA]

2 People Injured in Two-Vehicle Crash on Palm Canyon Drive near Escoba Drive [Palm Springs, CA]

1 Airlifted after Two-Vehicle Crash near Tyler Street and Avenue 53 [Coachella, CA]

1 Injured in Coachella Auto Accident near Tyler Street

COACHELLA, CA (July 1, 2020) – Early Tuesday morning, authorities airlifted a person after a two-vehicle crash near Tyler Street in Coachella.
The incident occurred just before 7:00 a.m. near Tyler Street and Avenue 53 intersection.
Moreover, the Riverside County Fire Department revealed that a person sustained moderate injuries in the crash. Furthermore, the identity of the injured remains unreleased at this time.
Due to the person’s injury, an air ambulance transported the motorist to an area hospital for treatment.
Driving can be very dangerous if you are not driving safely and legally. Moreover, it’s important to always abide by traffic laws and to do your part to prevent dangerous accidents.

What To Do After Being Involved in an Auto Accident

In 2017, 485,866 accidents were reported solely in the state of California.
Accidents can leave you or your passengers severely injured, disfigured, and permanently disabled. Aside from knowing how to drive safely, it’s also best to know what follows in the event of a car crash.
If you sustained injuries in a crash, the most valuable step you can take in response is to hire a personal injury attorney.
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