1 Person Arrested after Pursuit Crash on Highway 118 near Center School Road [Camarillo, CA]

Two-Vehicle Crash on Interstate 10 Near Cherry Avenue [Rancho Cucamonga, CA]

Two-Vehicle Crash on Interstate 10 Near Cherry Avenue [Rancho Cucamonga, CA]

Two-Vehicle Crash on Interstate 10 Near Cherry Avenue [Rancho Cucamonga, CA]

U-haul Truck Stuck on Train Tracks on Interstate 10 Crash

Rancho Cucamonga, CA (June 4, 2020)– On Tuesday afternoon, a two-vehicle crash in Interstate 10 near Cherry Avenue ended on the train tracks, on which one of the vehicles caught on fire.
The crash occurred at 2:48 p.m. on June 2. Dispatched officers arrived and located a fiery U-haul truck and BMW on the scene.
According to witnesses, the U-haul truck driver possibly having a stroke, lost control of the vehicle and went through the fence. Though it remains unclear how the truck collided with the BMW, both vehicles ended up on tracks. Moreover, the U-haul box of the truck stuck on the railroad.
Shortly after, the truck was on fire while the driver still inside. Paramedics immediately responded.
At this time, no other information has been released on the people involved in the incident. Further investigation is ongoing.

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