Vehicle Struck State Patrol Car on Interstate 5 [Bellingham, WA]

Teen Driver Crashes Car into McDonald’s on South Meridian [Puyallup, WA]

Teen Driver Crashes Car into McDonald's on South Meridian [Puyallup, WA]

Teen Driver Crashes Car into McDonald’s on South Meridian [Puyallup, WA]

Injuries and Damage Sustained after Teen’s Car Crashes into Puyallup McDonald’s

PUYALLUP, WA (August 7, 2019) – A teen driver crashed a car into McDonald’s in the 4603 block of South Meridian on Thursday afternoon.
According to the Washington State Patrol, the collision happened around 12:50 PM. Based on a report, the 16-year-old driver careened into the side of the restaurant’s building. After that, the car hit the drive-thru window after confusing the accelerator with the brakes.
The Central Pierce Fire Department said that one person suffered a minor foot injury. However, paramedics treated the victim at the scene.
The McDonald’s closed while the building is inspected for safety after its walls were pushed in near the restaurant’s soda machine. An investigation is ongoing to determine the amount of damage that the crash caused.
Speeding can lead to dangerous road accidents like a car crash. Always follow safety precautions such as following speed limits and keeping a safe distance from vehicles around you. As a result, you can ensure your safety and the safety of occupants of surrounding vehicles, motorcycles, and pedestrians.

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