2 Passengers Hospitalized after Pickup Truck Accident on Highway 14 and Newhall Avenue [Newhall, CA]

Sullivan Black Killed, Truck Rolled Down Cliff East of Carbonado [Carbonado, WA]

Sullivan Black Killed, Truck Rolled Down Cliff East of Carbonado [Carbonado, WA]

Sullivan Black Killed, Truck Rolled Down Cliff East of Carbonado [Carbonado, WA]

Passenger Sullivan Black Dies in Truck Accident Near Carbonado

Carbonado, WA (July 1, 2020) – On Friday, Sullivan Black, 24, died when the truck he was in fell off a 300 feet cliff near Carbonado.
Reports said that he met Allen Jones, 20, at a bonfire Friday night. The two went for a ride down dark forest roads riding Jones’ 1974 Ford truck.
They drove three miles down National Forest Road 7810 off the Carbon River/Fairfax Forest Reserve before Jones turned around to head back to the bonfire.
As Jones approached a sharp curve, he hit the brakes hard and the truck’s tires slid on gravel. He then lost control of the vehicle.
He took control of the stirring wheel again and the vehicle went off the edge of the cliff. It rolled about 10 times before it landed 300 feet below. Finally, the truck got pinned against a tree stump.
Black became unconscious in the accident.
Meanwhile, Jones crawled over him and climbed the hillside. He then ran to his girlfriend’s vehicle and drove to the nearest fire station in Wilkeson for help.
Immediately, deputies responded to the scene.
Officers noticed Jones smelled alcohol and had red, watery eyes, so they had him perform a sobriety test.
Jones admitted he had four beers that night.

Police Arrested Allen Jones

Police later arrested Jones and booked him into Pierce County Jail.
Meanwhile, deputies and firefighters found the truck pinned against the cliff. At that time, Black was hanging out of the window, he was breathing but non-responsive.
Rescuers flew him to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, where he died.
On Monday, prosecutors charged Jones with vehicular homicide.
A not guilty plea was made on his behalf. Jones was released on his own recognizance.

We at Sweet Lawyers extend our sympathies to the family and friends of Sullivan Black. Our thoughts are with you in this painful time.

The Aftermath of Fatal Accident

It is clear now more than ever that one person’s negligence can have devastating effects on other individuals. Similarly, in accidents that result in death.
That is why it is crucial that the family of the victim becomes aware that they have the authority to file a wrongful death suit.
A wrongful death suit allows families to hold parties liable for the irrevocable damages they have caused.
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