David Matthew Montalvo Dies after Jumping Out of Car on Russell Road and Buffalo Drive [Las Vegas, NV]

South Skagit Highway Hit-And-Run Leaves a Man Severely Injured [Seattle, WA]

South Skagit Highway Hit-And-Run Leaves a Man Severely Injured [Seattle, Wa]

South Skagit Highway Hit-And-Run Leaves a Man Severely Injured [Seattle, Wa]

Mount Vernon Man Hospitalized after Hit-And-Run Accident in Seattle

Seattle, WA (May 24, 2020) – Responders rushed a 40-year-old man from Mount Vernon to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle after a Chevrolet Avalanche hit his Honda Accord at 5 PM Friday.
The driver of the Chevrolet swiftly left the scene, the State Patrol detectives quickly realized.
State Patrol incident report say the Avalanche was moving eastbound and crossed the center lane, then struck the Honda. Both vehicles ended up on a dike.
Moreover, State Patrol trooper Heather Axtman said the driver of the Chevrolet fled immediately.
Moreover, the man from Mount Vernon sustained several broken bones and internal injuries.
“We need to get ahold of the driver because it’s the driver’s responsibility to stay at the scene,” Axtman said.
The hospitalized man will be a lead for information after he recovers, she added.
The responsible party could face jail time for leaving the scene.

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