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Shane Moon Injured in Hit-and-Run Crash on 112th Avenue [Vancouver, WA]

Shane Moon Injured in Hit-and-Run Crash on 112th Avenue [Vancouver, WA]

Shane Moon Injured in Hit-and-Run Crash on 112th Avenue [Vancouver, WA]

1 Injured in Vancouver Accident on 112th Avenue

VANCOUVER, WA (September 9, 2020) – Saturday night, Shane Moon sustained injuries in a Vancouver hit-and-run crash on 112th Avenue, police reported.
At about 7:00 p.m., the officers came to a bar on the 3300 block of Northeast 112th Avenue.
According to investigators, Shane Moon was with a group of friends in the bar. However, another man started recording them with his phone. As a result, a “verbal altercation” took place until the involved parties exited the establishment.
Before the suspect left the parking lot, he intentionally struck the victim, Mr. Moon, with his vehicle and drove away.
“He came into the bar and immediately was aggressive with everyone that was in the bar. He was aggressive with the bouncer, he was aggressive with everyone that he came into contact with, he came into the bar immediately pulled his phone out and started coming over to our tables and putting his phone in our faces,” said Rex Fergus, a friend of Shane Moon.

Additional Details about the Vancouver Crash

When the bouncer asked the suspect to leave the establishment, people outside started recording the incident “in case anything happened.”
“Well something did happen, he jumped back in his truck and he ran over Shane,” Fergus added.
Officers confirmed that Shane Moon sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to the hospital.
As of this time, the suspect remains at large.
“Information is circulating that the suspect and victim were part of activist groups, however, the Vancouver Police Department is unable to confirm that information,” the VPD stated.
The Vancouver Police Department Traffic Unit is currently handling the investigation.
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