Rafael Casillas and Two Others Injured in Read-End Crash on Highway 500 [Proebstel, WA]

Sedan and White Pickup Rear-End Crash on 4th Street [Eureka, CA]

Sedan and White Pickup Rear-End Crash on 4th Street  [Eureka, CA]

Sedan and White Pickup Rear-End Crash on 4th Street [Eureka, CA]

Rear-End Crash on 4th Street in Eureka Snarls Traffic

Eureka, CA (January 7, 2021) – Thursday afternoon, emergency crews treated a 63-year-old woman after a rear-end crash on 4th Street.
According to reports, a small dark-colored sedan rear-ended a white pickup with a camper shell on 4th Street at A Street’s corner.
Meanwhile, authorities closed two lanes as the investigation proceeds.
No other information is available. Further investigation is on-going.

No one wants to get involved in a car crash, therefore following traffic laws is vital. Be on the lookout for potential threats. Remember in doing so, you are keeping yourself and all those who surround you safe as well.
Above all, drive responsibly. However, if you see yourself unfit to drive, use a ride share app instead.

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