Man in His 40s Injured in Crash on Olive Avenue and Hughes Avenue [Fresno, CA]

Jeaneth Camacho Dies in Pedestrian Accident on Mission Boulevard [Hayward, CA]

Jeaneth Camacho Dies in Pedestrian Accident on Mission Boulevard [Hayward, CA]

Jeaneth Camacho Dies in Pedestrian Accident on Mission Boulevard [Hayward, CA]

Jeaneth Camacho Struck and Killed by Vehicle on Mission Boulevard

Hayward, CA (January 19, 2021) – On Thursday, 56-year-old Jeaneth Camacho died in a pedestrian accident on Mission Boulevard and Gilbert Street.
The fatal Hayward accident took place at about 7:30 p.m.
Ms. Camacho was struck by two passing vehicles in the middle of the crosswalk.
That driver of the first car stayed on the scene, but the person behind the wheel of the second car did not.
Elerie, Jeaneth’s husband, was cooking her favorite soup in celebration of their 31st wedding anniversary when Jeaneth’s friend called him to rush over to tend to his dying wife.

The Mission Boulevard Accident Aftermath

“I reached the scene. I see my wife like laying in the second lane, and I feel it, that she is still alive, and then I kiss her, and then I hugged her and tell her bye. That is the last moment. That is the last kiss of my wife,” Widower Elerie Camacho said.
He said Jeaneth was walking home from shopping nearby for the food he could use to prepare their special meal.
Elerie drove the groceries home while Jeaneth went to another store.
Meanwhile, the California Highway Patrol said neither alcohol nor drugs are suspected on the first driver.
Also, they are searching for the second driver involved.
“For the second driver to hit my wife, please come out and do your obligation for my wife,” Elerie said.
Elerie says Jeneath, who leaves three daughters, loved to sing. He added Jeneath was a senior caregiver who treated terminally ill patients.
A close family friend, Terry tam’s father is one of them. Terry is helping Elerie manage a GoFundMe to raise money for the surviving family.
“Now, he’s [Elerie] struggling to pay for funeral costs, legal fees, and more importantly how they’re going to raise money to bring Jeneath back to the Philippines where she can have a proper burial with her daughters and the family,” family friend Terry Tam said.
The money raised won’t bring Jeaneth back, or, erase the memory of this fatal accident. However, it will certainly go a long way for her family who is suffering a tremendous loss.
Here is Jeaneth’s GoFundMe link.

Sweet Lawyers extends our deepest condolences and sympathies to the bereaved family of Jeaneth Camacho.

How to Proceed Following a Fatal Pedestrian Accident

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