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Jasmine French Injured in Vehicle Crash on Auberry Drive [Elk Grove, CA]

Jasmine French Injured in Vehicle Crash on Auberry Drive [Elk Grove, CA]

Jasmine French Injured in Vehicle Crash on Auberry Drive [Elk Grove, CA]

Vehicle Crash on Auberry Drive Injured Jasmine French

Elk Grove, CA (December 17, 2020) – On Tuesday, Jasmine French of Sacramento was injured in a vehicle crash on Auberry Drive.
The crash happened after 1 p.m. when Frech was driving southbound.
French went to turn onto Splendor Lane. Just then, a car behind her tried to pass on the left drove straight into her.
French’s family is truly grateful she’s okay.
“I’m thankful because God saved her. God saved my daughter and my grandchildren still have their mother,” Lisa French said.
It’s the best Christmas present French could wish for after a devastating few days.
Her daughter, Jasmine French, is expected to recover after the crash incident Tuesday.
“I’m just so upset. All I do is cry for my daughter,” Lisa French said.

Teenagers Involved in Crash

The 14 and 15-year-old occupants in the involved vehicle took off on foot.
“They didn’t even see if she was dead or alive. How could you do that? What were you thinking of going that fast in a residential?” Lisa French added.
Moreover, the authorities responded to the scene. They were able to track down the teenage suspects with the help of an air unit.
The suspects resisted arrest. However, police officers were still able to take them into custody.
Furthermore, police said they located a gun on one of the teens. They took him to juvenile hall.
Meanwhile, the authorities issued the second teenager a citation and released.
Furthermore, Jasmine’s boyfriend transported her to UC Davis Medical Center to be treated for her injuries.
“Neck injury, back injury, shoulders are injured. She still has some difficulties breathing; I’m sure that’s probably from the seatbelt. She’s in a lot of pain,” Lisa French explained.
Lisa French is still finding a reason to be grateful.
“I love my daughter with everything. Every breath that I take, I love my daughter. It’s going to be a rough recovery but my daughter is alive,” she said.
Police did not confirm how the teenagers accessed a car in the first place.
Whenever you are behind the wheel, it is your responsibility to follow all traffic laws. By doing so, you can ensure your safety and the safety of surrounding vehicles and motorists.

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