Rollover Crash After the Multi-Vehicle Collision on Highway 178 Sparks 12-Acre Brush Fire

Elissa Renee Pappas Killed in Crash on Highway 178 [Lake Isabella, CA]

Elissa Renee Pappas Killed in Crash on Highway 178 [Lake Isabella, CA]

Elissa Renee Pappas Killed in Crash on Highway 178 [Lake Isabella, CA]

Elissa Renee Pappas Dies in Rollover Crash on Highway 178 near Yankee Canyon Drive

Lake Isabela, CA (May 11, 2020) – On Monday afternoon, reports of a rollover crash that caused a 12-acre brush fire killed Elissa Renee Pappas.
Reportedly, on that morning, a deadly multi-vehicle collision occurred involving a tan pickup truck.
The truck collided head-on into a Ford Taurus. However, this incident is still under investigation. Moreover, crews shut down Highway 178 at Yankee Canyon Drive in both directions.
Later in the afternoon, at around 4:30 p.m, reports of a single rollover crash caused a brush fire on the area. Emergency personnel transported one driver to an area hospital for immediate treatment.

KFCD Updates

The Kern County Fire Department ground and air resources responded.
They protected the residents living in Yankee Canyon by extinguishing the burning fire.
At this time, KCFC reached 50% containment on a 12-acre brush. Firefighters from U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management remained on scene through the night to strengthen containment lines and extinguish hotspots.
Furthermore, KCFD said traffic would be restricted while firefighters work to reach full containment.

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