Winter Nason and Jospeh Mantua Arrested in Fatal Crash on Highway 1 [Sonoma County, CA]

Driver Hospitalized in Fiery Vehicle Collision on 110 Freeway [Los Angeles, CA]

Driver Hospitalized in Fiery Vehicle Crash on 110 Freeway [Los Angeles, CA]

Driver Hospitalized in Fiery Vehicle Crash on 110 Freeway [Los Angeles, CA]

Fiery Truck Collision on 110 Freeway Injured Driver

Los Angeles, CA (January 15, 2021) – On Thursday, a car driver was injured in a fiery vehicle collision on 110 Freeway next to the Adams Boulevard Exit.
The crash happened between a Caltrans contracted truck and a sedan on the southbound lanes of the freeway.
Unfortunately, the impact of the crash was intense. It pushed in the back of the sedan and caused the fuel tank to catch fire.
The sedan was fully engulfed in the fire with the driver trapped inside it.
Luckily, a few good Samaritans stopped and helped the driver out of the burning vehicle.
Immediately, responders took the driver to an area hospital with serious burn injuries.
Similarly, rescuers also treated the driver and the passenger of the construction truck . Though, there is no information if they transported to a hospital.
CHP investigates the incident.
Always follow all the traffic rules to avoid road accidents.

Moving Forward After a Road Accident

Moreover, roadways, while scrupulously created and mapped for efficient travel, are one of the most dangerous settings.
As common of an occurrence as they are, many people do not suspect what follows in the event of a multi-car crash.
According to the United States Department of Transportation, there are approximately 300,000 merging accidents every year.
Common events on the road can just as swiftly become safety hazards. Furthermore, everyone must remain calm to properly handle the immediate aftermath of a vehicle crash.
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