1 Person Injured in Vehicle Crash on 3600 South Carson Street [Carson City, NV]

Bobby Jo Jacobs Jr. Dies in Hit-and-Run Crash on Jamacha Road [El Cajon, CA]

Bobby Jo Jacobs Jr. Dies in Hit-and-Run Crash on Jamacha Road [El Cajon, CA]

Bobby Jo Jacobs Jr. Dies in Hit-and-Run Crash on Jamacha Road [El Cajon, CA]

Bobby Jo Jacobs Jr. Killed in El Cajon Big Rig Hit and Run Accident on Jamacha Road

EL CAJON, CA (March 31, 2021) – On Tuesday afternoon, Bobby Jo Jacobs Jr. died in a hit-and-run crash on Jamacha Road near Main.
According to Lt. Jeremiah Larson, the incident occurred at around 5:40 p.m. Shortly after, a southbound tow truck hauling two vehicles made a sudden turn.
Then, it collided with another southbound vehicle before crashing into a stand of palm trees outside an apartment complex. Afterward, the driver fled on foot after the incident.
Furthermore, responders transported three people from the other vehicle, all described as adults, to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.
Also, authorities said that the tow truck driver returned to the scene and was taken to a hospital. The driver was taken into custody on suspicion of hit and run.
Later reports revealed that one of the victims, Bobby Jo Jacobs Junior, did not survive his injuries.

We extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of the victim. We also wish for the speedy recovery of those involved.

It is important to always abide by all traffic laws and to do your part to prevent devastating consequences to you and others. If you find yourself unable to safely operate a vehicle, there are always other options for transportation.

Filing a Case after Fatal Crash on Jamacha Road

Hundreds of people across California suffer injuries in hit and run crashes every year.
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