Willow Sanchez and Two Others Die in Camp Rock Road Pedestrian Accident [Lucerne Valley, CA]

Two Injured, Nathen Parscal Arrested in DUI Crash on Highway 4 [Pittsburg, CA]

Two Injured, Nathen Parscal Arrested in Crash on Highway 4 [Pittsburg, CA]

Two Injured, Nathen Parscal Arrested in Crash on Highway 4 [Pittsburg, CA]

Pittsburg DUI Crash Injures People, Nathen Parscal Arrested

Pittsburg, CA (May 22, 2021) – On Thursday, two were injured and police arrested Nathen Parscal in a DUI crash on Highway 4.
The accident took place at approximately 2:49 p.m. near the 100 block of Bliss Avenue.
Officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a truck driven by Parscal on Railroad Avenue. However, Parscal did not yield, and a chase was initiated.
The authorities terminated the chase when Parscal went to the eastbound lanes of Highway 4 in the wrong direction.
Subsequently, the vehicle crashed with two vehicles and became disabled. Parscal fled on foot.
Moreover, he attempted to force his way into passing vehicles and eventually forced one motorist to drive him to a nearby business complex.
Later on, he was taken into custody after an extensive search.
Deputies searched his vehicle and found approximately one pound of methamphetamine.
Meanwhile, responders took the two injured motorists to a local hospital for treatment.
Finally, officers arrested Parscal. He is held without bail on charges to include: felony evading, kidnapping, carjacking, false imprisonment, possession, and transportation of a controlled substance, and a parole violation.
Be a responsible driver all the time. Never take prohibited drugs.

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