Top 7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Truck Accident Lawyers

choosing truck accident lawyers

If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident, then you know that the trauma is more than just physical. This event can also be excruciating on your emotional and mental health.

As you begin to process what happened and take steps forward to heal, it helps to have an experienced legal team by your side. A reputable auto accident lawyer can negotiate your case so you can get the settlement you deserve. 

Are you looking for the best attorneys in your area? Today, we’re sharing our in-depth guide to choosing truck accident lawyers, so you can connect with the right professionals as soon as possible. 

1. Relevant Experience

Not every lawyer is appropriately skilled to manage a truck accident case. Before choosing an attorney to handle yours, ask about the number of similar cases they’ve successfully handled in the past. 

An experienced team will be able to help you navigate all of the important next steps following your accident. Most importantly, they will know how to handle all of the specific legal facets of your case, including the associated statute of limitations.

Inquire about how long the team has been in business and the types of cases that they usually cover. At Sweet Law, we’ve worked on thousands of cases with an impressive 98% success rate. 

2. Knowledge of Causes

Part of winning a truck accident case is being able to develop a clear and accurate depiction of what really happened at the scene of the collision. This is where an attorney’s skills are really put to the test.

The best truck accident lawyers understand that there are many different underlying causes that can lead to an auto collision. From texting and driving to adverse weather conditions, they’ll be able to get to the root of what happened. Then, they can use those details to create a powerful case.

3. Overall Comfort and Confidence Level

Of course, you want to hire a truck accident lawyer who has the skills and expertise required to win your case. However, it’s also important to consider how you feel when you interact with them. Are you confident that they will be able to assist you at every turn, or are you concerned about their professionalism and abilities?

Throughout your conversations with prospective lawyers, you should feel respected and validated. Don’t move forward with an attorney that belittles you, mitigates your injuries, or refuses to answer your questions. These are glaring signs of incompetency that shouldn’t be ignored. 

4. Reviews and Testimonials

Did you know that 84% of people now trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family members? If you need to hire a truck accident attorney, start by asking your relatives and loved ones if they’ve worked with a local legal team on a similar case in the past.

If so, inquire about how their experience went, and if they would suggest reaching out to the same lawyers. If your inner circle can’t recommend a qualified attorney, then you can cast a wider net by asking your social media followers, using a tool such as Facebook Recommendations

Once you have a shortlist of lawyers to contact, visit their web pages. Read references and reviews from past clients and take note of similar themes and patterns.

Do reviewers highlight the lawyer’s expertise and kind manner? What about their timeliness and prompt communication? While you can’t expect your experience to be a carbon copy of theirs, this kind of feedback can help you gauge what you should expect.

5. Fees and Associated Charges

As you begin comparing lawyer fees, you’ll soon find that there isn’t a universal fee that all truck accident lawyers charge. Most personal injury lawyers charge on what’s referred to as a contingency basis. This means that you don’t have to pay any initial fees upfront, but if you win your case, then a portion of your settlement will go toward your legal fees. 

Make sure that you clearly understand all charges before you sign on the dotted line. Choose a lawyer who is transparent about their fees to avoid being unpleasantly surprised down the road. 

6. Skilled Insurance Negotiations

If you’re in a truck accident, you could be looking at a host of different problems. Not only are you possibly missing work and losing out on critical wages, but you could also face an uphill physical battle as you seek to heal from your injuries. At the same time, you may be wondering how you’ll replace or repair your vehicle.

If you call your insurance company directly, you may receive an offer. However, keep in mind that it’s not in their best interest to offer you a substantial settlement. If you accept their first proposal, then you could wind up receiving much more than you’re due. 

Ask potential lawyers if they have experience negotiating with insurance agents. The most reputable ones will know exactly how to mediate on your behalf, so you never have to second-guess if you settled for less.

7. Timeline and Availability

You deserve to work with a lawyer who can devote an abundance of time, attention, and resources to your case. You should never feel like just another number. 

Choose an attorney who has time to take your case, and can be realistic about their availability. While you may not receive around-the-clock updates, you should be able to reach them when you contact them. This can build your confidence in their abilities and give you the peace of mind you need to continue healing.

Find Help Choosing Truck Accident Lawyers

When you’ve been injured in a truck accident, all of your energy should be channeled toward getting better. An experienced, reliable, and professional truck accident attorney can be an invaluable resource in these coming weeks and months, taking the reins of your case so you don’t have to.

If you’re ready to begin choosing truck accident lawyers, we’d love to connect. Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s discuss your next steps together. 

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