The Rewarding Benefits of Hiring a Disability Lawyer

If you are unable to work and you’re hoping to receive Social Security disability benefits, you may wonder if you need to hire an attorney. Applying for disability can be a bit overwhelming, and it’s normal to have some uncertainty about the process.

Obtaining disability benefits isn’t easy. It can be an uphill battle to receive the benefits you deserve.

That’s why it’s so important to have a disability lawyer in your corner. They understand how to build a strong case and improve your chance for a favorable ruling.

Here’s a look at the many benefits of hiring a disability lawyer.

High Rate of Denials

Unfortunately, over half of all initial Social Security disability claims are denied. Many of these denials are due to a lack of evidence or a simple technicality.

Although some people are able to obtain benefits on their own, most are not. Proving disability can be a challenge. Dealing with medical evidence, paperwork, deadlines, and appeals can be frustrating and overwhelming.

Having a disability lawyer on your side is a must if you’re hoping to receive the disability benefits you deserve. An experienced disability lawyer can handle the process for you and build the best possible case for obtaining a favorable ruling.

Proven Experience

An experienced disability lawyer knows how to build a solid case for disability benefits. They regularly deal with insurance companies and engage with doctors and caretakers.

Most personal injury lawyers are skilled negotiators who understand disability laws and how to present your case in the most favorable light.

Disability law is complicated and technical. It’s better to leave your disability claim in the hands of a professional.

You want a lawyer with proven experience and results to lead you through the disability process.

Endless Paperwork

If you file for disability benefits, you have to submit lots of documentation, either on paper or online. This information includes:

  • Information about your medical condition
  • Medical history
  • Work history
  • Education
  • Medications you take
  • Your capabilities
  • Your limitations

This is just some of the documentation you must provide. When you’re sick or limited in your physical abilities, gathering evidence is exhausting.

Skip the paperwork and leave these concerns to a qualified disability lawyer. They can handle the evidence, application, and appeals process for you.

They understand what evidence is needed to bolster your claim, so you have the best possible chance of obtaining the benefits you deserve.

A Faster, Easier Process

A disability attorney understands disability law. They understand what it takes to receive a favorable ruling for benefits.

They know the best and fastest methods for gathering evidence and building a case in your favor. They understand the SSA’s strict criteria and what it takes to win an appeal.

If you receive a denial, a seasoned disability lawyer can look at the issues that led to the denial. And they will work to overcome a negative ruling.

Disability claims take time. A disability lawyer can help you move through the process faster and easier than you could on your own.

Meeting Deadlines

There are strict deadlines you must meet when filing a claim for disability benefits. If you do not meet the required deadlines, you may have to begin the entire application process over again.

One benefit of having a disability attorney is that you don’t have to worry about schedules or deadlines. Your attorney will make sure you have everything completed in time and will handle any issues as they come along.

It’s a good feeling knowing someone is there working for you to ensure you have the best chance of receiving a favorable ruling.

High Ethical Standards

Disability lawyers are held to a high standard of ethics. They must comply with the SSA Rules of Conduct and Standards of Responsibility.

An experienced disability lawyer will do their best to get you the benefits you deserve in a fair and honest way. You can feel confident knowing that they will ensure the process is fair and protect your rights.

They are bound by ethical obligations to the client and the law. Our personal injury lawyers always follow a strict code of ethics and keep our clients’ best interests at heart.

No up-Front Fees

There are standards in place regarding the fees attorneys can charge for handling disability claims. Disabled individuals should not have to worry about legal fees while they wait for disability benefits.

Most disability lawyers work on a contingency basis. That means they do not accept a fee until you receive your Social Security benefits.

The attorney fees come from the back pay award and cannot exceed 26 percent or $6,000 dollars. The amount your attorney receives may depend on the expected benefits you’ll receive over the years of your life.

Representation at Your Hearing

You want an attorney by your side if you go before a judge at your Social Security hearing. Your lawyer will prepare you for what to expect during the hearing and what types of questions the judge may ask.

Most hearings include the input of one or more experts. This could include medical, psychological, or vocational experts. Their testimony can make a real difference in how the judge views the extent of your disability.

You need the best disability attorney possible to question the experts and understand the technicalities of a disability case. You deserve a lawyer who’s willing to vigorously fight for the benefits you deserve.

Reduce Your Stress

Dealing with an illness or injury is hard enough. You don’t need the added stress of worrying about your disability claim day and night.

A good disability lawyer can take charge of your case and allow you to focus on your health. They understand disability law and all that’s involved in representing you throughout the process.

Don’t worry about evidence, paperwork, or deadlines. Let your attorney handle the process and do the work to get you the disability benefits you deserve.

Finding the Best Disability Lawyer

If you are thinking of filing for Social Security benefits or have already received a denial, you need a disability lawyer on your side. Don’t try to handle the process alone.

Having a lawyer working on your behalf is your best chance for a favorable outcome. We will work diligently for you and do everything possible to help you get the disability benefits you’re hoping for.

You pay nothing unless you receive a ruling in your favor. Contact us today to discuss your disability claim.

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