The Dangers of Drunk Drivers: Don’t Wait to Get an Injury Attorney

Getting involved in an accident is a scary experience, but it can be even scarier if the other driver is under the influence. Drunk driving accidents can have serious consequences, including death. Did you know that every day, 30 people in the U.S. die due to the negligence of a drunk driver?

If you were recently involved in an accident with a drunk driver and thought about hiring an injury attorney, you will want to continue reading below. This brief guide will explain what to do after getting into an accident with a drunk driver and who you can contact for more information.

What to Do After Getting Hit by a Drunk Driver?

Before you do anything, be sure to move you and your passenger to safety. If you are okay enough to do so, call the police immediately and tell them a drunk driver has hit your vehicle.

If you or your passengers have injuries, let 911 know. They will send out an ambulance to check you all out.

It is essential that you get the authorities on site so they can take the breathalyzer test to determine how intoxicated the other driver is. Without this test, the driver may claim that they were not drunk at the time of the incident.

Stay Away From the Intoxicated Driver

When people are under the influence, their behaviors can be very unpredictable. Some are combative, while others are belligerent. If you can, stay inside your vehicle and wait for the police to arrive.

Take Photos of the Accident

If you can safely do so, take pictures of the damages and the accident scene. Take notes of where the accident happened and if anyone saw what happened.

If so, be sure to get their full names and phone numbers. This information will help your attorney and the drunk driver’s insurance company to determine liability.

Take photos of the other driver’s vehicle, including the license plate. If they try to flee, you have their plate information to provide to the police. This plate information will also help your attorney locate the other driver’s insurance information.

Take Care of Your Injuries

When a car accident happens, our adrenaline kicks in to protect us and get us away from the situation. While at the scene, you may overlook your injuries because you’re frantic and trying to make sense of what happens.

It is normal not to feel any strain or aches until hours or days later. Don’t dismiss your pain. If you are uncomfortable and need to seek treatment, do so.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

When you reach out to an injury attorney against a drunk driver, they can help you build a strong case against this negligent person. You may feel tempted to handle the entire claim process independently, but that is not a good idea. These auto insurance companies know that you are in pain, and they will offer you a quick settlement so they can close out their case and move on.

Why Should I Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

A car injury attorney understands the trauma you’ve been through, and they’ve handled many cases similar to yours. Instead of you getting lowballed by an auto insurance company, you should be able to receive the compensation you deserve, especially if the driver was under the influence.


As mentioned earlier, car insurance companies use specific tactics to make you take their lowball offers. They know you want to get this over with, and so do they.

When you’re hurting and frustrated, you will be more inclined to take an offer that sounds good. Attorneys don’t have the same feelings attached to the incident as you do.

Instead, they can adequately negotiate and argue the best compensation because they focus more on facts. So while you heal and take care of getting back on your feet, your injury attorney can negotiate and handle your case.

Courtroom Expertise

If your case goes to trial, you will want a reputable and experienced lawyer. Most insurance companies can agree with your lawyer during mediation, but that doesn’t always happen. If your case does go to trial, your attorney will be able to defend you in court and prove to the jury that you deserve the proper compensation.

Unless you have experience navigating a courtroom, you may want to leave that job to the professionals. Also, court dates can be during a time when you can’t leave work or miss your doctor’s appointment. Your attorney will make sure to show up on your behalf.

No Cost if You Don’t Win

Contrary to what many people believe, you don’t always have to pay upfront for your attorney. Most reputable injury attorneys offer their services on a contingency basis fee.

This means that if your case doesn’t win, you won’t have to pay anything. If you do win your case, your attorney will deduct their fee from your settlement amount.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

Auto accidents that involve drunk drivers are an experience that no one should have to go through. Unfortunately, accidents involving drivers under the influence happen daily here in America.

The good news is there are injury attorneys who are here to build a strong case against drunk drivers. You should be able to receive the compensation you deserve due to another driver’s negligence.

Contact us now if you need a reputable attorney to defend you against a drunk driver. We offer free no-obligation case evaluations, and we are here to help you get back on your feet.

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