1 Injured in Two-Vehicle DUI Crash on Las Vegas Boulevard South [Las Vegas Valley, NV]

Suspect Arrested After Elk Grove Boulevard Crash [Elk Grove, CA]

Suspect Arrested After Elk Grove Boulevard Crash [Elk Grove, CA]

Suspect Arrested After Elk Grove Boulevard Crash [Elk Grove, CA]

High-Speed Chase Along Highway 99 Ends in Crash on Elk Grove Boulevard

Elk Grove, CA (May 20, 2021) – Late Saturday night, a high-speed chase started near Lodi and ended in Elk Grove after the suspect crashed into a bystander’s car.
The California Highway Patrol said the officers tried to pull over a vehicle, but the driver instead hit the gas.
Officers have then started a high-speed chase along northbound Highway 99.
Meanwhile, CHP’s Air-21 unit followed the chase and was able to keep the suspect in its sights the whole time.
Eventually, the suspect got off the freeway in Elk Grove but was still speeding.
The suspect then crashed into another car near Elk Grove Boulevard and Harbor Point Drive.
Moreover, it’s unclear if the driver who was struck suffered any injuries.
Police have yet to disclose the name of the suspect.

What Follows After a Vehicle Crash in Elk Grove?

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