Slip And Fall Lawsuit: Who Is Liable For My Injuries?

Imagine one day you are out walking on public (or private) property when you suddenly slip on a loose stone, falling hard to the ground. You try to catch yourself, but end up breaking your arm on the way down. Who is liable for your medical bills? What are your options? That is when a slip and fall lawsuit can be filed.

The damages from slip and fall accidents that occur on someone else’s property can be pursued through a slip and fall claim. However, in order to prove your accident is due to hazardous conditions, you will need the help of an experienced slip and fall attorney.

At Sweet Lawyers, our team of top slip and fall attorneys have handled common hazards and accidents involving:

  • Uneven pavement
  • Wet or slippery floors
  • Broken stairs
  • Improperly lit walkways
  • Potholes
  • Poorly maintained tile
  • Cluttered paths
  • Torn carpeting
  • Narrow stairs

If you are a victim to a hazard that has caused you to slip and fall or trip and fall, consult with Sweet Lawyers slip and fall attorneys today. You may have unclaimed compensation waiting for you.

Who Is Liable In A Slip And Fall Claim?

The majority of slip and fall cases fall under premises liability claims. Slip and fall lawsuits are personal injury cases where the injurious accident occurred on someone else’s property. 

The responsible party in a slip and fall lawsuit is whomever neglected to maintain reasonably safe conditions on a property. As a result, this could be the property owner, or property manager/possessor. To prove liability, it must have been foreseeable that the defendant’s negligence would cause the hazard that resulted in injury.

Determining liability in a slip and fall case can be tricky. That is because multiple parties can be held responsible for unsafe conditions. As a result, consult with an experienced slip and fall attorney to pursue the maximum compensation for your claim.

How Do You Prove Fault In A Slip And Fall Accident?

If you want to successfully recover compensation for your slip and fall on another’s property, you must be able to prove that the cause of your accident is a dangerous condition that the property owner or possessor is aware of. In addition, to be considered a dangerous condition, the hazard must have created an unreasonable risk that a guest on the property would not anticipated it.

To establish the liable party’s knowledge of the dangerous condition and the potential hazard it presented, your slip and fall attorney must show that:

  • The owner/property possessor created the condition;
  • Property possessor/owner knew the condition existed and is negligent in remedying it; or
  • The condition existed for such a length of time that it should have been discovered and corrected before the slip and fall occurred.

To avoid liability, the defendant will attempt to prove that the accident is the plaintiffs own doing. They will investigate the accident to see if any of the following are true at the time of your accident:

  • Tripped over your own belongings, such as a shoelace or ill-fitting pants. 
  • On your phone, or not paying attention in some other capacity. 
  • Ignored clear warning or “do not enter” signs.
  • On the property illegally or for nefarious purposes. 
  • Created the unsafe condition, for example, spilling your own water then slipping in it. 
  • Manufactured the accident purposefully. 
  • The accident is avoidable, but happened due to your actions.

You should not be made to suffer any more after being injured. As a result, a good slip and fall attorney will take your lawsuit seriously. In addition, an attorney will fight to hold those responsible for your pain and suffering are held liable.

What Is My Slip And Fall Lawsuit Worth?

Your settlement amount will depend on several factors. An experienced slip and fall lawyer will make sure that your claim covers all your recoverable losses. These include compensatory damages, non-economic damages, and in some cases, punitive damages.

While no trustworthy attorney can tell you what your settlement will be upfront, they can help you determine what costs should be compensated. After your consultation, Sweet Lawyers slip and fall attorneys will perform an investigation into your accident, including throughout researching the property, hazard, and property owner. After reviewing the evidence, they may find that you are owed compensation for the following:

  • Medical Bills: Any amount of money you paid out of pocket to cover the medical treatment for your injuries can be included in your settlement. While minor injuries may not require ongoing treatment, catastrophic injuries typically do. Your slip and fall attorney will include the estimated cost of ongoing medical treatment in your lawsuit. 
  • Lost Wages: If you are employed at the time of your accident, your slip and fall attorney will calculate the value of any paychecks you missed while out of work recovering from the accident. 
  • Quality Of Life: If your injuries are catastrophic and severely impact your ability to live life as you once knew it, your lawyer may seek damages that evaluate your diminished quality of life. 
  • Loss Of Consortium: If your injuries prevent you from providing your spouse with companionship, they can pursue compensation for loss of consortium.
  • Pain And Suffering: If your accident is traumatic, your attorney may pursue non-economic damages in the form of pain and suffering.

How To File A Slip And Fall Lawsuit

In order to maximize compensation for your slip and fall lawsuit, you need the expertise of a leading slip and fall attorney. Sweet Lawyers will hold the property owner legally liable for your slip and fall accident. In addition, we will ensure that you receive your full settlement. Above all, we believe you deserve the best representation.

Do not hesitate to get the damages owed to you. Contact Sweet Lawyers dedicated team of slip and fall attorneys today for a full recovery. 

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