2 Big Rigs Crash, Leaves Pasco Motorist Ramon Martinez Barajas Seriously Hurt [Moses Lake, WA]

2 Big Rigs Crash, Leaves Pasco Motorist Ramon Martinez Barajas Seriously Hurt [Moses Lake, WA]

2 Big Rigs Crash, Leaves Pasco Motorist Ramon Martinez Barajas Seriously Hurt [Moses Lake, WA]

Ramon Martinez Barajas Injured After 2 Semi-Trucks Collide At Moses Lake

Moses Lake (May 30, 2020) – Roman Martinez Barajas (32) was hospitalized after a semi-truck accident at Moses Lake on Thursday at around 6:45 pm.
Grant County Sheriff’s Office reported the intersection Road N Northeast and South Frontage Road east as the scene of the crash.

Barajas of Pasco headed north in a semi-truck via Road N when George Bodley, 52, driving another truck hit his vehicle.
Bodley, eastbound on South Frontage Road missed a stop sign on the intersection at Road N Northeast. This is according the the report by GCSO on Friday.

Bodley’s trailer broke from his truck, then slid 100 feet. It stopped in the middle of Road N NE, just underneath the I-90 overpass.

Responders took Barajas to the Samaritan Hospital in Moses lake, and later was transferred to Sacred Heart MC in Spokane. His current condition is still unknown, per GCSO reports.

Bodley received minor injuries, but will face second degree negligent driving according to the sheriff’s report. Both big rigs and their trailers are wrecked. This forced the sheriff’s office to close down both roads for 6-hours.

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