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Public Transportation Accident – How to File a Personal Injury Claim

A person can reduce the the risk of being in an public transportation accident by more than 90% by riding in a passenger vehicle as opposed to traveling in a car. According to APTA, there are 35 million people that use public transportation every weekday. Not only is public transit more affordable than the cost of fuel, it also reduces traffic congestion; with fewer vehicles sharing the road. However, public transportation accidents still occur.
Popular public transportation options consists of:

  • School buses;
  • City buses;
  • Trolleys,subways, and trains;
  • Vanpool services;
  • Transportation services for senior citizens and people with disabilities.


Injury Claims For A Public Transportation Accident

Even though they are less likely, serious injuries and even death may occur from accidents involving from transportation vehicles. Operators of public vehicles have a duty and must operate a vehicle with a high degree of care. Drivers must take caution and actions that another person in similar circumstances would take, ensuring that passengers arrive to their destination safely.
If you get injured as a passenger in a public transit vehicle, you may be entitled to make a claim against the public transportation agency for your damages. The damages a passenger may recover as a result of an accident include medical bills, loss of income, and the physical and emotional distress caused from the crash.

Claim Procedure and Statute of Limitations

Filing an injury claim against a public agency will require assistance from a professional. Government entities are generally immune from civil liability unless certain requirements are met. If the requirements are proven, then the immunity is withdrawn.
Be cautious and prepared, as there are deadlines for injury claims made against a government entity. These deadlines vary from state to state, but may include the following:

  • A claim form must be filed against the correct entity under the government branch. Depending the agency, the form may be required to be mailed or hand delivered and processed with the clerk for processing.
  • The agency may require that the form be filed within six months of the accident.
  • Depending on the action or non-response from the agency after filing a claim, that may result in a shortened period to file your lawsuit.

Most importantly, make sure that you make your claim against the proper agency for your public transportation accident. In some states, your claim may be denied, delayed, or disregarded if you send your notice to the wrong agency.
Furthermore, you should hire a personal injury lawyer to make assure that you fulfill your states requirements.

Hire A Lawyer With A Successful Reputation

Being injured in a public transportation accident can leave you with unexpected medical bills and economic losses. The Sweet Law Group has represented clients in unjustified situations just like this for over 40 years. Having a quality attorney on your side will give you a fighting chance to receive the compensation you deserve. Call our reputable law firm today for a free consultation at (800) 203-3061.