Phoenix Attorneys: 10 Benefits of Hiring an Accident Lawyer

Getting involved in an auto accident is an experience that no one should go through. Still, unfortunately, it is a phenomenon that happens every day in Arizona.

On average, there are about 85 crashes per day, totaling over 33,000 crashes yearly! Of those accidents, most of the drivers involved sustained severe injuries.

If you recently sustained injuries from an auto accident, you should contact an accident lawyer to represent you and your claim.

While you focus on healing and getting back on your feet, you can count on your accident attorney to handle the claim and fight for the compensation you deserve. Please continue reading below to learn about the ten top benefits of hiring a Phoenix accident lawyer and who you can contact for additional guidance.

What Is an Accident Lawyer?

An accident lawyer is an attorney that handles personal injury claims. Personal injury claims can be auto, truck, or motorcycle accidents. If you suffered injuries from an accident and want someone to represent your case and help you get the compensation you deserve, you should reach out to a reputable team of accident lawyers in Phoenix.

10 Benefits of Hiring a Phoenix Accident Lawyer

Several excellent benefits come with hiring an accident lawyer. For example, they provide you with the support and guidance you need to handle the claim while you focus on healing.

1. Objectivity

Reputable Phoenix accident lawyers can provide objectivity to their clients. This means that they can separate facts from feelings, which gives them the upper hand when it comes to figuring out the best course of action for your claim.

When you’re upset and hurt, you are less likely to be able to make the right decision for your claim.

You might take an offer from the other party that is well below what you deserve. Instead, you can rely on your accident attorney to see the facts and create the best demand possible.

2. Keeps You From Incriminating Yourself

When you go through the auto claims process, you have to give the adjuster your statement about what happened in the accident. You have the option to either give the statement in written form or as a recording.

If you opt to give a recorded statement, the adjuster will ask questions about what happened. If you say anything that puts you at fault for the accident, the adjuster may place partial or entire blame on you for the incident.

Some adjusters purposely ask you questions that can trip you up and say something you don’t mean. When you work with an accident lawyer in Phoenix, they will ensure your story gets told the way it should.

3. Handles the Claims Process

You’re hurt, exhausted, and most likely have a job you have to get back to. Most adjusters have regular business hours between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:30 P.M., which may contradict your time to speak with them and provide them with the information they need.

If you aren’t able to reach your adjuster, you might get stuck talking with a teammate or leaving multiple voicemails waiting for a callback.

To avoid the wild goose chase of trying to reach your adjuster, your accident lawyer can use their team of paralegals to handle the minor tasks needed to move the claim along. This includes calling to report the claim and sending in the required documents.

4. Gathers Evidence

The auto claims process is complicated, and you must provide evidence proving you are innocent of the accident. To do this, you have to provide the insurance company with the police report, witness statements, and anything else that can support your side of the story.

Again, this can take time, and if you are already busy handling work and your family, you may not have time to take care of all of that.

Most reputable accident attorneys have the resources necessary to gather the evidence that proves your innocence. If needed, your attorney can also reach out to crash investigators to help piece together what happened at the scene of the accident.

5. Provides You with the Best Care

If you sustained injuries from your accident, you want to ensure you get the best care possible. You may think your primary care doctor is the best and only physician you need, but that may not be true.

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may need a chiropractor or a physical therapist to rehabilitate you. Your accident lawyer will connect you with the right people, so you get the best care possible.

They may also be able to work out a deal with them so you can receive the treatment you need without paying anything upfront. Instead, when your claim is settled, the attorney will pay those medical fees from your settlement check.

6. Avoids Statute of Limitation

Each state has its statute of limitations on how long you have to make a personal injury claim. This is to help prevent insurance fraud. In Arizona, you have two years from the accident date to make a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver.

If you make a claim beyond this point, you won’t have a valid claim. To guarantee you don’t miss the statute of limitations, you should reach out to an accident lawyer soon after the accident so they can start the claims process.

7. Negotiates on Your Behalf

Unless you are an excellent negotiator, you may want to leave the negotiating to the professionals. Insurance adjusters know that you are tired and want to get over the claim, so they will prey on your vulnerability.

They will use specific negotiation tactics to make it seem like you’re getting the best settlement possible. These adjusters know they can’t deploy those same tactics with your attorney.

8. Saves You Money

Yes, you read that correctly; hiring an attorney can actually save you money. They also can make you more money by negotiating with the adjuster to give you the best compensation for your case.

Medical fees are expensive, and sometimes they are unreasonable. Your accident attorney can negotiate with medical facilities to lower their fees, especially if they have a working relationship with one another.

9. Expedites the Claim

As mentioned earlier, you are an already busy person trying to heal from your auto accident injuries. Managing your injuries, personal life, and handling an accident claim is not easy.

You might miss important deadlines associated with your claim, which can diminish how much you receive as a settlement. Your attorney has a law firm full of law professionals who make sure to submit documents on time to keep the claim moving.

When you submit documents late, it delays the review process. Your attorney will also check on the claim on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to ensure the adjuster isn’t just letting your claim slip under the radar.

10. Makes Sure You Get the Right Compensation

There are several different types of damages you can claim in an accident. You have the opportunity to not only claim property damage and medical expenses, but your attorney can fight to get you compensation for having to miss work.

There are other damages, known as general damages, that your attorney can seek compensation for. This includes pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, humiliation, and mental anguish.

You can claim many different damages, and no two claims are the same. You may be able to receive more than someone with a claim similar to yours based on various factors. Instead of trying to figure out what your claim is worth, it is best to allow your accident lawyer to spend their time figuring out how much compensation to seek from the other party.

How to Find the Right Accident Attorney

Finding the right attorney requires a lot of due diligence on your end. If you find a lawyer you think you want to work with, look at their reviews. See what other clients liked or did not like about hiring them.

The best way to find out if an attorney is the best option for you is to set up a consultation with them. Most reputable accident lawyers provide their clients with free case evaluations.

Best Accident Lawyer in Phoenix

There are so many excellent benefits that come with hiring the right accident lawyer in Phoenix. Not only are they able to properly evaluate your claim and fight for the compensation you deserve, but they can also point you in the right direction for top-quality medical care.

If you recently sustained injuries due to a negligent party, and need help fighting for the compensation you deserve, contact us today. We offer free no-obligation case evaluations, and we are here to answer any questions or concerns you have.

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