Driver Injured in Crash on Airport Way and Rainier Avenue [Renton, WA]

Pedestrian Severely Injured in Elk River Road Hit-And-Run Crash [Eureka, CA]

Pedestrian Severely Injured in  Elk River Road Hit-And-Run Crash [Eureka, CA]

Pedestrian Severely Injured in Elk River Road Hit-And-Run Crash [Eureka, CA]

CHP Investigates a Pedestrian Hit-And-Run Crash on Elk River Road in Eureka

Eureka, CA (December 12, 2020) – Saturday evening, a pedestrian severely injured in a hit-and-run crash on Elk River Road.
The Eureka crash happened at about 6:50 p.m. on December 12.
The California Highway Patrol reports on their Traffic Incident Information Page that the victim sustained severe injuries with two broken legs and one broken arm.
Emergency crews transported the patient to a hospital. The victim was awake and speaking when responders arrived.
According to the first reports, there were two vehicles involved in hitting the pedestrian. The first vehicle stayed at the scene but the second vehicle, however, still unknown drove away from the scene.
CHP continues to investigate the Elk River Road crash.

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