Mistakes That Can Undermine Your Car Accident Compensation

car accident compensation

After a car accident, you settled your case with an insurance provider only to realize you didn’t receive enough compensation to cover all of your costs. Where did you go wrong?

There are various mistakes you could have made along the way. From not calling the police to not hiring a personal injury lawyer. To avoid these vital blunders in the future, you need to understand what they are.

Keep reading to learn about faults that can undermine your chances at fair car accident compensation.

Not Reporting the Accident

You need to report the car accident to the police and the insurance provider. Your right to compensation is dictated by filing a timely complaint.

Even if your injuries aren’t immediately apparent, this is an important step to always take.

You might feel your injuries days later or after visiting a doctor for the first time after the accident. It might be too late to report the accident by then.

When an accident happens, hold your ground with the at-fault driver until the police show up. Leaving the scene can lead to legal repercussions that impact your case.

The police will create an accident report, even for a small collision. The accident report acts as evidence in favor of your claim.

As soon as you can, notify the insurance provider about the accident. Provide them with enough detailed information without assigning blame or admitting to fault.


You should never lie about your car accident lawsuit. Insurance companies are trained to zero in on lies that can ruin your chances at fair car accident compensation.

If the truth is that you’ve been injured in a car accident, you deserve compensation. Don’t ruin your chances by making up lies that you believe could help your case, because they won’t.

Poor communication, in general, can ruin your chances of compensation as well. If you have any questions regarding your case or don’t know what to say to the insurance company, call your car accident lawyer.


The at-fault driver’s insurance company will conduct surveillance on you. You could be having a good physical day and complete activities that aren’t congruent to your injury claims.

A jury could understand that you had a good day and are taking advantage of it. They won’t understand if you lie about these activities and there is surveillance of you performing them. This goes back to never lying about your case.

Be wary of what you post on social media as your lawsuit goes on. Your words, photos, and videos could be used against you in court. Insurance companies will conduct an internet search to show you aren’t as injured as you state.

Talking About the Case

Defense lawyers and insurance adjusters might try to contact you to discuss the case with you. Don’t talk about your case with anyone hired by the at-fault driver. Your auto accident lawyer can discuss details on your behalf.

Even if you think you contributed to the car accident, never admit fault. Admissions of guilt can come back to haunt you. Stick to the facts when talking to insurance adjusters, police, and other parties involved in the accident.

Insurance companies are good at warping your words and trying to get you to say something that could negatively impact the case. A lawyer is aware of these tactics and won’t fall victim to them.

When someone contacts you about your case, even a juror, refer them to your personal injury lawyer instead.

Signing Your Rights Away

Never sign anything regarding your case until your lawyer looks over it.

Anything, even simple mini-tort releases, can have fine print waiving injury claims in the future. They may also allow an at-fault company to access your medical records, violating your privacy.

Not Getting Medical Attention

Not going to the doctor after a car accident is unsafe and can affect your chances of fair compensation. Medical help ensures your life isn’t in danger and that you receive the necessary care for your injuries.

Medical records, bills, and test results will all act as valuable evidence demonstrating the expenses you incurred because of your injury.

Even if you feel fine after a car accident, always visit your primary care doctor as soon as possible. A doctor can treat hidden injuries and create a documented medical history.

The shock and adrenaline from being in a car accident can mask pain. You might not realize the severity of your wounds when they happen.

Delaying treatment and visiting the doctor can make your injuries worse and make your case less compelling.

Not Listening to Doctors

When you are injured in a car accident, you should always seek medical attention. Medical records act as evidence in your claim.

Always listen to advice from your doctors and follow through on what they suggest.

Never miss a doctor’s appointment for your car accident injury. Not going to your doctor’s appointments is a mistake that will be used against you in your case.

Missing vital appointments is a sign that you aren’t hurt or that you aren’t taking the injury seriously. You need to show that you are working hard to get better after your injury.

If you receive items from your doctors that can help your case, keep them. This might be braces, casts, pill bottles, and prescriptions.

Losing Injury Documents

Collecting evidence is a key part of the claims process. If you have surgery or visible injuries, take pictures. Videos are also great tools to prove how difficult things have been because of your injury.

Always take pictures of your vehicle’s damage as well. Documenting the accident scene is helpful for lawyers working on a case in your favor.

If you are too injured at the time of the accident, ask someone else to document the scene for you.

Crash repair estimates help you receive compensation, but they don’t always reflect the full scope of vehicle damage. Photographs and videos are better if this is the case.

Attending an Insurance Medical Examination (IME)

At some point, you might be sent to an insurance medical examination (IME). These doctors often work under the insurance company.

They are not independent physicians and can make a lot of money saying that there is nothing wrong with you, despite obvious injuries.

When your insurance adjuster tells you to attend this type of medical exam, tell your personal injury lawyer immediately. They can handle the issue for you.

Quick Settlements

Insurance companies may offer a quick settlement amount to reduce their losses. These offerings are often insufficient and don’t take loss of income, emotional distress, or medical bills into account.

Don’t settle too hastily. You have a right to deny a settlement offer. Always speak to your car accident injury lawyer first because they can assign a fair value to your case.

Car accidents often have long-term effects that won’t manifest until later on. Emotional distress can last a long time. You may also have future medical expenses relating to the accident injury.

When you accept a quick settlement, you and the insurance provider aren’t taking the thoroughness of the claim into account.

Failing to File a Claim in Time

There are strict statutes of limitations for car accident claims. If you fail to file your claim in time, you forgo your chances of receiving car accident compensation.

The time starts on the day of the accident. Sweet Lawyers serves California and Washington state.

California law states that there is a two-year statute of limitations for lawsuits to be filed over car accident injuries. In Washington state, the statute of limitations for a car accident claim is three years.

Even though these timeframes seem long, the time can go by fast. It’s important to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. They will ensure your claim is filed in time.

The process can take some time from start to finish, so get started as early as possible.

Handling Your Case Alone

Handling your case alone may lead to you accepting a lowball offer from an insurance provider. You likely aren’t aware of the legal nuances that go into a personal injury lawsuit.

An experienced car accident attorney will guide you through the process. They will make sure you receive the car accident compensation you deserve by submitting the necessary information to develop a strong case.

When you seek help from a lawyer, you get to focus on your recovery while a professional fights for your rights.

Get the Car Accident Compensation You Deserve

If you want to get the car accident compensation you deserve, you need to avoid these costly mistakes.

After a car accident, always call law enforcement and visit your primary care doctor. Gather evidence and contact a lawyer who can use the details of the accident to create a favorable case.

At Sweet Law, we have won our clients millions of dollars in compensation. Our years of experience have won us elite awards that make us the ideal choice for the injured.

Let us start working on your case. Schedule a 100% free consultation now.

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