30-Year-Old Woman Injured in Linda Vista Drive Vehicle Crash [San Diego, CA]

Minor Injuries Reported in Two-Vehicle Crash on Highway 101 [Leggett, CA]

Minor Injuries Reported in Two-Vehicle Crash on Highway 101 [Leggett, CA]

Minor Injuries Reported in Two-Vehicle Crash on Highway 101 [Leggett, CA]

Police Investigate a Two-Vehicle Crash on Highway 101 in Leggett

Leggett, CA (December 12, 2020) – Saturday night, police investigate a two-vehicle crash on Highway 101.
The Leggett crash happened at approximately 8:54 p.m. on December 12.
According to reports, the collision involved a black BMW and a red Toyota Pickup. The cause of the crash is under investigation.
In effect, two ground ambulances were requested while Caltrans provided traffic control.
Moreover, all the occupants sustained minor injuries, and one woman has a laceration to her face.
Further investigation continues to determine the cause of this Highway 101 crash.

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