How to Find the Best Car Accident Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

best car accident attorney

Personal injury law is an important, fast-growing area of the legal field. The field of these lawyers is growing at a nearly 4% annualized rate. Because the field is growing so rapidly, you don’t need to worry about a shortage of options when you’re trying to find an attorney to represent you. 

If you’re in the Phoenix area, you might be asking – “How can I find an attorney near me?”. 

We have the tips you’ll need to keep in mind so that you can hire a lawyer that can help you with your personal injury case. Keep reading so that you can use this advice to your advantage. 

Check Their Legal Experience and Background

Anytime you’re putting together an automobile accident case, it’s important to learn your lawyer’s legal experience and background. You need to have the help of a lawyer who is accustomed to trying these sorts of cases. 

There are a few different points that’ll help you make sure the law firm that you’re considering is suited for your personal injury case needs. 

Find Out Where They Went to Law School

First, make sure that you know what law school the lawyers attended. This isn’t the end all, be all, but it tells you a lot about a lawyer’s pedigree if they were admitted into a prestigious and competitive institution.

You can learn how they graduated compared to the rest of their class, and what resume points they notched along the way. 

Learn Their Years of Experience

Make sure that they are experienced enough to help you with any auto accident claim that you’re working on. You can find this out by learning how long the attorneys have been practicing cases. Attorneys with several years of experience are more seasoned and prepared for the twists and turns that personal injury cases bring. 

Double-check this information by learning when they passed the bar exam and whether they have received any accolades for excellence throughout their years of experience in the legal field. 

Consider Their Memberships and Associations

Find the help of a lawyer who belongs to different legal guilds or professional associations. In addition to looking them up in the American Bar Association (ABA), find out whether the attorney or firm belongs to legal organizations within their state. 

Examples of some local associations that the lawyer might belong to include the Maricopa County Bar Association, the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys, or the National Academy of Personal Injury Attorneys. These sorts of memberships speak not only to how reputable a law firm is within their field but also that they have the respect of their peers. 

Ask About Their Specialty and Case Experience

Within the focus of personal injury law, your attorney might still have some specialties. Car accident law is one of the biggest areas of personal injury litigation because these cases are so common and the damages that people experience can be substantial. 

Some lawyers try motorcycle accident cases, while others specialize in trucking cases. Find out what kind of case experience they have, along with the outcome of their cases. Several nuances come with personal injury claims, so you will need the help of an attorney that is up for the task. 

Consider Their Status in the Community

Choose a lawyer with a solid reputation in their local community. This is why personal injury attorneys tend to have a visible presence and work to endear themselves to the public. 

It’ll tell you a lot about a law firm if the public has good things to say about them. Find an attorney that has a strong local presence and research what clients are saying about them in their reviews. 

Consult About Your Car Accident Case

The consultation will be the deciding factor in deciding which lawyer you want to hire for your case. During a consultation, you’ll be able to speak with the important people at the law firm one-on-one. These consultations will give you the chance to get all of your questions answered, while also vetting the law firm and making sure you choose the best option. 

Fill Them in on What Took Place

Before asking any questions, make sure that your lawyer has all the information that they need. Recount your story about what happened during the car accident, down to the last detail. 

How fast were you driving? How fast would you estimate that the other driver was traveling? You should also recollect details like your direction of travel, the time of day, weather and road conditions, and an account of how the accident took place. 

Once the lawyer hears your rendition of what happened, they can piece together a timeline and figure out whether you have a claim in court. During your recounting of the story, expect your lawyer to ask questions for clarity, and to take plenty of notes. 

Present any Evidence You Have

Bring any evidence that you have to the consultation so that you can fill your attorney in on the details. Start by making sure that you get the police report first. Your police report will contain information about the accident and the details that law enforcement saw when handling the scene. 

This includes things like the nature of the damage, witness statements, and both drivers’ accounts of what took place. You’ll also need to bring evidence of the damage, such as photos and video of the wreckage. After your accident, gather as much evidence as you can so that your attorney can see the details that prove your case. 

Make Sure You Have Legal Standing

With all of the information laid out about your case, ask your attorney upfront about the likelihood that you can win your case. This always depends on several factors, but your attorney will use their legal knowledge to make sure that your case satisfies all the criteria and burdens of proof necessary. 

This means proving that the other driver was negligent, that they breached the proper duty of care through their reckless actions, and that the accident led to the damages that you’re currently living with. This includes medical injuries, property damage, and others.  

Most lawyers won’t take your case unless they think you have a good chance of winning, so they’ll give you their honest assessment before offering you a contract for their services. 

Find Out What Strategy They Will Use

You need to understand what kind of strategy your law firm will use to win your case. Personal injury lawyers use a variety of legal strategies in car wreck cases, such as:

  • A thorough investigation of physical evidence
  • Getting witnesses to testify on your behalf
  • Building a strong case upfront so that the other side is eager to settle
  • Negotiating a reasonable settlement amount for you
  • Taking the case to court with litigation if necessary

Your attorney should be able to explain how they’ll help you in a way that you understand and find helpful to your case. 

Consider Court vs. Settlement

The benefit of personal injury cases is that the majority of them get settled without having to see a courtroom. This helps both parties because litigation can take a lot of time and gets expensive over time. 

However, sometimes you’ll need to litigate the case, particularly if the other side isn’t cooperating, or if they are giving you lowball offers. When you talk to your lawyer, be sure to get answers about whether intend to settle your case or if a court case is more likely. Regardless of how it ends up, choose a law firm that is equipped to handle both. They should be skilled at negotiating to fetch you the highest dollar amount out of court. You should also ask about their trial experience so you’re covered if litigation is the best course of action. 

Learn Their Contingency Fees and Other Rates

You need to also get clarity on how much money you’ll be paying for legal services. In personal injury cases, this usually means paying your lawyer on the back end. These lawyers generally charge contingency fees, which is a percentage that they collect once your case ends and you get paid. 

Find out how much they charge in contingency fees and other rates. Expect personal injury attorneys to charge in the range of 30% or so in contingency fees. Ask if they are a no-win, no-fee firm, which means that you don’t pay anything if the lawyer can’t win your case. 

Some firms will still charge you if they lose the case. In these situations, they might have you recoup court costs or the cost of research or other legal fees. Get every fee in writing so that you understand what you’ll pay out of your pocket, and if you’re getting the best deal when compared to other law firms in the area. 

Ask About Your Injuries and Damages

You’ll need the help of a quality attorney who can explain your injuries and the different damages that you have suffered. It takes a thorough assessment to make sure that you’re clear on what injuries you’ve suffered so you can make a legal claim and recoup them in full. 

Examples of some injuries that people commonly suffer in car accident cases include:

  • Whiplash and other forms of neck pain
  • Back injuries and spinal cord damage
  • Broken bones, sprains, and lacerations
  • Concussion and brain trauma
  • Chronic total body pain

Having a legal professional is important because they’ll think not only of the short-term but also have experience considering the many months and years of recovery that will take place when you’re rehabbing and going to physical therapy. Your lawyer will help you think about the long-term ramifications of your back pain or any other injuries that you’re dealing with. 

There are also several other non-economic legal damages that you may encounter, such as pain and suffering and emotional distress. You may need to get therapy and counseling to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other issues. 

Ask your lawyer about damages related to fixing or buying a new vehicle, making up for lost income, and other sorts of damages that come with the territory. 

Get Some References

You should also check out references from lawyers to make sure that they have a history of satisfied clients. These references let you know that you’re hiring someone credible who can handle every leg of your case. You should also ask which attorney in the firm that you’ll be dealing with so that you have a point person to touch base with. 

Give credence to a law firm that has plenty of capable attorneys in-house who can help with the heavy lifting that legal cases require. 

Search for the Best Car Accident Attorney Around

The tips in this article will aid you when you’re trying to find the best car accident attorney available to you. When you mull through the details above, you will have a strong foundation for finding a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix that can help you out. 

This is important since car accidents can be damaging and costly, and require the help of attorneys that are excellent at what they do. If this is what you’re looking for, we’d be happy to help you. 

Sweet Lawyers has you covered when you’re trying to pursue your legal case. To learn more about our firm and to get in touch for a free consultation, use our online form or call us at 1-800-674-7854.

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