How a Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help You

Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney

According to the Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation, well over 3,000 motorcycle accidents take place in the state every year. That number has, unfortunately, increased over the years. It has led to more people in Arizona sustaining many common motorcycle accident injuries.

Were you involved in a motorcycle accident in the Phoenix area recently? If so, you might be able to benefit from working with a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney in a big way. This motorcycle accident attorney can help you make the most of a bad situation so that you’re able to make a full recovery following your crash.

Would you like to learn about some of the different ways in which a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney can help you? Keep reading to see how they’ll be able to assist you in the aftermath of a motorcycle crash.

They’ll Begin by Analyzing Your Case

When you touch base with a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney after being involved in a motorcycle crash, they’ll provide you with a free consultation. During this consultation, they’ll analyze your case and decide if they would like to take you on as a client.

There are some instances in which you might not have a very strong case on your hands. If, for example, you broke any of the Arizona motorcycle laws just before getting into an accident, a lawyer will be able to see this. They can let you know the potential pitfalls that could come along with trying to build a case against a fellow driver and their auto insurance company.

It’s a great idea to take part in a free consultation like this. You’ll be able to get some solid legal advice from a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney. They can guide the way as you consider whether or not you would like to move forward with filing a claim in your motorcycle accident case.

They’ll See What Compensation You May Be Entitled To

If a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney believes that you do have a strong case on your hands, they can look into things further to see what compensation you may be entitled to. You should be able to collect compensation to cover the costs associated with:

  • Medical bills
  • Motorcycle repairs
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering

But every motorcycle accident case is a little different. A motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to evaluate your case and let you know what kind of compensation you could be looking at collecting if you choose to move forward with a claim. It’ll be nice to know what you could potentially collect as it’ll make dealing with medical bills and other costs slightly more bearable.

They’ll Gather Motorcycle Accident Evidence

After speaking with a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney, you will be able to sit down and decide if you’d like to continue working with them so that you can file a claim in your case. If you choose to do this, a motorcycle accident attorney will get to work on gathering motorcycle accident evidence right away.

This motorcycle accident evidence will often include things like:

  • A police report stemming from your motorcycle accident
  • Photographs and videos you may have taken in the aftermath of your motorcycle accident
  • Eyewitness accounts of what happened during your motorcycle accident
  • Medical records and bills connected to your post-motorcycle accident medical care
  • Invoices for motorcycle repairs

The more motorcycle accident evidence that a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney can collect, the better your chances of collecting compensation in the end. It’s why you should work hard to help your lawyer put together the biggest collection of evidence possible.

They’ll Look Into Negotiating a Settlement

Many motorcycle accident cases don’t ever make it to a courtroom. More often than not, a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney will be able to negotiate a settlement with an insurance company. They can do this before things escalate to the point where they end up in court.

Negotiating a settlement with an insurance company can be complicated. But you can make it easy for you to negotiate with one by hiring an experienced Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney to help you throughout the negotiation process.

Oftentimes, an insurance company is going to try to lowball you when they know you don’t have a great attorney in your corner. But when you have a lawyer helping you, they’ll be forced to participate in a fair fight. Simply having a motorcycle accident attorney will put you in a better position when it comes to going to battle with an insurance company.

They’ll Create a Compelling Case

Most insurance companies will do whatever it takes to steer clear of having cases brought against them go to court. But if your Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney isn’t able to reach a settlement deal with an insurance company, that might be what ends up happening.

If your claim does go to court, you’ll need to create the most compelling case possible to give yourself a chance to earn a victory. And that’s exactly what a motorcycle accident attorney will help you do.

Your attorney will take all the evidence from your motorcycle accident and start piecing it together to prove that you weren’t at fault for the accident that occurred. They’ll work side-by-side with you to come up with a legal strategy that should work wonders when your case makes it to court.

At the same time, your Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney may also continue negotiating with an insurance company just in case they’re willing to make you a better settlement offer. You’ll be in a position of power at this point thanks to all the work your lawyer will be putting in.

They’ll Take Your Case to Court and Present It

If your motorcycle accident case ends up going to court, you’ll need to practice patience. Legal matters like this won’t often play out overnight. It might be months before you’re able to get a court date and head to a courtroom to present your case to a judge.

But you will eventually be able to take your case to court and have your Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney present it. They’ll lay out all the facts surrounding your accident and strive to show that you were not to blame for what took place.

This is not something you should ever attempt to do on your own. A good lawyer will know the right approach to argue your case in court and give you a chance to be successful.

They’ll Give You a Chance to Collect Compensation

At the end of your time in court, a judge will ultimately determine whether or not they believe you deserve to collect compensation from an insurance company. They’ll decide based on the facts associated with your case. In a perfect world, a judge will rule in your favor and give you all the compensation you were asking for.

If you’re eventually able to earn a victory in court, then and only then will you be required to pay a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney for their time and effort. The best attorneys will only collect contingency fees from you if they’re able to help you get the compensation you deserve.

After paying your lawyer, you should be left with more than enough money to pay for things like medical bills and motorcycle repairs. You’ll be so glad that you were proactive about hiring a motorcycle accident attorney to help you.

They’ll Make Motorcycle Accident Recovery Easier

Recovering from a motorcycle accident is never easy. Whether you sustained a head injury during it, broken bones, or one of the other common motorcycle accident injuries, you’ll need to give your body time to heal. You’ll also need to seek medical services to get back on the right track.

While all of this is going on, it’ll be nice to know that you have a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney fighting for your rights. They’ll work as hard as they can to help you collect compensation for your injuries and any damages that may have been done to your motorcycle during a crash.

You won’t be quite as stressed out as you would normally be when you have a great motorcycle accident lawyer by your side. They can see to it that they’re able to handle any legal matters associated with your crash.

Contact a Trusted Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Did you just get into a motorcycle accident in Arizona that left you dealing with a long list of injuries? Did you also damage your motorcycle in an accident and have to make expensive repairs to it? A Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney can help.

Sweet Lawyers can set you up with the legal assistance you’ll need following a motorcycle crash. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation.

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