Horrifying Crash at Don’s Drive-In Restaurant Left 3 Severely Injured [Puyallup, WA]

Horrifying Crash at Don's Drive-In Restaurant Left 3 Severely Injured [Puyallup, WA]
Horrifying Crash at Don’s Drive-In Restaurant Left 3 Severely Injured [Puyallup, WA]

3 People Severely Injured after Crash at Don’s Drive-In Restaurant in Puyallup

Puyallup, WA (November 29, 2023) – On Tuesday afternoon, 3 people sustained severe injuries in a crash at Don’s Drive-In Restaurant.

At around 1:30 p.m., 64-year-old Harold Hurley, suspected of being under the influence, crashed into Don’s Drive-In, causing the cinder block wall of the building to collapse inward, as reported by the Puyallup Police Department

The impact resulted in a large fryer falling onto a 48-year-old employee, who became trapped under the stainless steel cooker and suffered burns from the hot oil. 

Emergency services transported him to Harborview Medical Center, where he remains in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit.

Additionally, two other employees were burned by the oil and received on-site treatment for their injuries. 

According to court documents, one woman sustained burns on her forehead, while the restaurant owner, another woman, suffered significant burns to her foot.

Harold Hurley faces three counts of vehicular assault and was booked into Pierce County Jail with bail set at $35,000. Pending results from a toxicology report, the restaurant has temporarily closed due to structural damage caused by the crash.


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