City Cycling Safety: 5 Tips for Long Beach Cycling Routes

When you’d like to get the most out of your cycling experience, it’s crucial that you mix things up and enjoy some new locations. It’ll help you keep your zeal for this fitness hobby so that you can stick to it and keep pushing your limitations. 

If you love scenery, beautiful weather, a nice challenge, and amazing vibes, it doesn’t get better than Long Beach, CA. Whether you’re already in Southern California, or an out of owner looking to travel, keep this city high on your must-visit list. 

So what makes this city such an excellent cycling destination?

Here’s what you should know about cycling Long Beach. 

Understand the Best Trails and Routes in Long Beach

If you’re going to visit Long Beach for a cycling trip, it pays to learn which parks or trails should be on your list. The city has a nice mixture of city cycling and nature trails, so you can tailor your trip however you’d like. 

You can check out the San Gabriel River Bike Trail, the Los Angeles River Bikeway, and other spots. There are also several other sites, to include the El Dorado Park Bike Path and Heartwell Park Bike Path.

The Long Beach Shoreline Bike Path gives you several miles of exercise with plenty of beach views. 

You may want to take a Go Pro to take in all of the sites and attractions that characterize the city. This trail has plenty of signage that will help you figure out where to go and to keep the flow of traffic going. 

Get to Know the Terrain and Lay of the Land

Aside from the cycling routes, make sure you also research the quality of the streets, the elevation of the trails, and the geography and culture of Long Beach. 

For instance, the Long Beach Shorelike Bike Path features a 91-foot elevation gain along a more than 7-mile stretch. This trail is decorated so that cyclists can enjoy nature and the weather year-round. It features a series of wildflowers of different colors along the way. 

The trail is partially paved, so you need to be aware of the sections that aren’t. Make sure that you’re dressed in an outfit you wouldn’t mind getting dirty going across dry unpaved trails. Keep your bike tires inflated and in the best condition so that it can stay sturdy on the rougher parts of these trails. 

Aside from the bike trails, you should also know that Long Beach as a whole is a bike-friendly city. There are bike lanes all throughout Long Beach, and several environmentally sound initiatives. There are plenty of bike racks all throughout the city, and the city buses and subway systems provide bike storage space. 

You’ll fit right in and will be able to join cycling groups and other meetups. This will make you better as a cyclist and can help you network and build friendships. 

Put Some Time Into Getting Comfortable on Your Bike and Ease Into City Cycling

While Long Beach is a great cycling city, you should always prepare yourself for any challenges and obstacles you might face. The more comfortable and capable you are with your bike, the easier it’ll be to navigate whatever comes your way. 

Be mindful of vehicles when you’re navigating the city, and be aware of driver’s actions so you can predict sudden moves they might make. Stay away from car doors and never assume that they can see you when you’re on your bike. 

Make yourself as visible as possible, stay clear of curbs, and always use the bike lane rather than riding in the street. When you can follow these tips, you’ll be able to ease into heavier traffic areas with your confidence intact. 

Southern California is filled with cycling opportunities, so feel free to explore as your comfort level grows. 

Stay Hydrated and Take Great Care of Your Body 

Make sure that you’re taking care of yourself while you’re out on the trails. Hydrate before you head out, and keep a few bottles of water handy so you can take a sip whenever you need it. 

Consider mixing in an electrolyte packet to help you stay hydrated. The city recently experienced temperatures as high as 104 degrees, so never leave your hydration to question. 

Pack a few snacks with you also, since this will help you to get some healthy calories during your workouts. Always stretch before heading out and whenever you finish a bike ride. The better you take care of your body, the easier it’ll be to log some miles. 

Make sure that your diet is rich with protein, healthy carbohydrates, and omega 3 fatty acids.  

Practice Some Biking Safety Tips

Practicing general safety tips should always be a priority. Never leave without a helmet, wear snugly fitting bicycle outfits that won’t snag on your seat, and wear a reflector vest that keeps you highly visible. 

Always use discretion when you ride, and make protection and self-preservation your priority. 

You should also get to know personal injury laws and how to respond to an accident, just in case.  

Head Down to Long Beach With Your Favorite Bike

You can see that Long Beach is a prime destination if you love cycling. Keep challenging yourself and adding some trails to your list. 

Finding new destinations will keep you enthusiastic about cycling, which is great for your health and fitness. 

If you need our help in a bicycle accident case, take the time to contact us via or site, or pick up the phone and call 1(800)-674-7854 for a free consultation. 

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