What To Do after a Car Accident

You were involved in a car crash and don’t know what to do next. If only it were as simple as picking up the phone and talking to an insurance company to get fair treatment and compensation that you deserve. Unfortunately, the insurance adjuster working on your case has only one priority – to pay out as little as possible, even when you are 0% at fault.
You need someone on your side with a proven track record that will stand up against insurance companies. Sweet Lawyers is here to make sure your rights are protected.

When Should You Call?

Right Away.
Too many people try to handle their own case. When realizing that it is the insurance company’s objective to pay out as little as possible, it makes sense why they use manipulative tactics to get you to make mistakes. These mistakes can cost you (and your case) by closing the door to adequate treatment and fair compensation.
When you call Sweet Lawyers, you’ll spend less time and stress dealing with the adjusters and more time focusing on getting better. Not to mention, you will get more money in your pocket.
Make sure you keep the door for recovery open. We guide you through the entire legal process and give clear and simple answers to our clients’ questions, so that you can always know what is going on with your case.

What Should You Expect from the Insurance Company?

Big insurance companies know how to manipulate accident victims. Going against them alone is like taking a knife to a gunfight.
In a typical car accident, you are going to feel frustrated and unsure what to do. You are going to be in pain. And you are going to need answers. In situations like these, an insurance adjuster will not be your friend.
Insurance companies want to make it hard on you because they want you to quit. They save money at your expense. Even if you don’t quit, the manipulative processes insurance adjusters use is meant to provide you with low-ball offers so that you get fed up and settle early or for too little. Either way, the insurance company profits at your expense.
The Takeaway: An insurance adjuster’s #1 is to minimize payouts. They hold all the cards and know how to play the game very very well. They know exactly which questions to ask you and the ways to phrase them to make you and your case look less valuable. Do not let them take advantage of you. Call Sweet Law Group today at (800) 203-3061  for a free case evaluation. We promise to fight for you and your rights!

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