Can a Disability Lawyer Help Improve My Chances of Approval?

As of December 2016, the Social Security Administration has reported that 86.8% of people currently receiving disability benefits are workers.

If you have recently been injured as a result of fulfilling your duties as an employee and are now attempting to qualify for disability benefits, or if you have been wondering if your debilitating medical condition qualifies for disability, understanding your rights can be confusing.

However, getting approved for social security benefits can be very difficult, especially if you’re doing so without the help of a disability lawyer.

Are you interested in learning why you should hire an Irvine disability lawyer?

If the entire process of hiring a disability attorney seems overwhelming for you, we’ve created this guide to help you understand why hiring an attorney to fight for you is essential. Keep reading to learn more!

What to Expect When You First Contact a Disability Lawyer

When you first reach out to a disability attorney to receive their representation, there will be an interview completed so that legal professionals can gather basic information in regards to your case.

The information that disability lawyers gather from the interview will help them to determine whether or not they are qualified to represent you or not. The majority of disability interviews will be completed over the phone. However, it is not uncommon for a disability lawyer to ask to meet with you in person.

How an Experienced Disability Lawyer Will Help to Develop Your Case

The attorney you were directly working with or a staff member of the law firm will ask you for any medical records that you have that will support your claim. Once they have gathered all of the medical documentation and records if they have asked for, they will send them into the Social Security Administration.

After you have hired your disability lawyer, you will need to sign a privacy release that will allow your legal professional to look over your medical records. You should expect your legal professional to pay for the records for you until after your case has been completed.

If you win your case, you will most likely be billed for the cost of your medical records.

The Social Security Administration will sometimes require there to be a specific examination to be completed or you to when a disability claim. Your disability lawyer will go over your medical records and let you know if you need to receive additional testing to win your claim. Also, your lawyer will also ask the Social Security Administration if there is a need to schedule a consultative examination.

The consultant examination will require a doctor to complete specific testing on you to see if their results match the results that are listed on your medical records. The doctors will ask for documented statements that support these invitations that are within your disability. They will also ask for any medical records that support your disability claims and submit them to a judge.

How a Disability Lawyer Will Prepare You for Your Hearing

If your disability benefits claim is denied, your lawyer will help you to prepare for a Social Security benefits disability hearing. Your lawyer will guide you on what to do with any bad evidence that could potentially damage your chances of being approved for social security benefits.

As it comes closer to the time of your hearing, your disability lawyer will have a face-to-face conversation with you covering some common questions that you may be asked by the judge. Some of these questions may include:

  • Are you depressed or anxious?
  • Describe any symptoms that you’re experiencing as accurately as you can
  • Are you currently seeking professional medical help for your disability?
  • What treatments have you tried to improve the conditions of your disability?
  •  When did you discover that you were too sick to work?
  •  Are you currently completing any work?
  • What medications are you currently on?
  •  What are the side effects of the medications you are on?
  •  Do you find that the medication that helps you feel better?
  •  Do you currently use alcohol or illegal substances?
  •  If you are currently on any pain medication, do you find that you take more than you’re supposed to?
  •  Do you have health insurance?

Some other questions that your lawyer may ask you can be considered strange questions. However, please do your best to answer all of them as honestly and accurately as you can.

Open up to Your Attorney

Depending on your disability, there may be additional questions you’re asked.

Other questions you may be asked include:

  • Are there things you used to enjoy that you find challenging to enjoy now due to your disability?
  • Can you climb a flight of stairs?
  • Can you lift a gallon of milk?
  • Can you walk at least a block by yourself?

As you’re answering these questions, you should keep in mind bet your attorney isn’t there to judge you. They’re there to help represent you in the best way possible to ensure that you and your disability claim.

Anything that you say to your attorney is privileged. This means that anything you share with your legal professional will only be able to share if you have your permission.

Understanding Why You Should Hire a Disability Lawyer to Fight for You

Working with an experienced disability lawyer will help to increase your chances of winning your disability claim. Your legal professional will figure out the best way for you to win your case.

If you’re looking to hire a knowledgeable and experienced disability lawyer, click here to contact us today. We offer free consultations and are always available to answer any questions that you may have!

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