29-Year-Old Andrew Michael Guerra Arrested in University Drive Collision [Fort Worth, TX]

29-Year-Old Andrew Michael Guerra Arrested in University Drive Collision [Fort Worth, TX]

People Injured in 7th Street DUI Crash

Fort Worth, TX (January 28, 2024) – The authorities arrested 29-year-old Andrew Michael Guerra following a University Drive collision Saturday night.

It was past 10 p.m. when police tried to pull over Guerra who was suspected of driving under the influence near 7th Street.

Officers said the driver didn’t stop and drove away.

The authorities started a pursuit, and during the chase, Guerra struck two pedestrians and crashed into another vehicle.

Later on, the authorities arrested Guerra with charges of intoxication assault with a vehicle.

Moreover, the emergency rescuers rushed the pedestrians and people inside the other vehicle to an area hospital. They were in stable condition.

Troopers had to extricate Guerra from the vehicle. 

Investigators said they suspect him of being intoxicated when the accident happened, though he refused a field sobriety test and did not consent to a blood draw.

Let Us Do Our Share in Keeping Roadways Safe

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Andrew Michael Guerra Arrested, People Injured in Fort Worth Traffic Accident

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