Motorcyclist Injured in Crash on Washington Street and Coyote Song Way [Indio, CA]

60-Year-Old Motorcyclist Hit By Car, Leg Seriously Injured [Pasco,WA]

60-Year-Old Motorcyclist Hit By A Car Leg Injured Seriously [Pasco,WA]

60-Year-Old Motorcyclist Hit By A Car Leg Injured Seriously [Pasco,WA]

Motorcyclist Struck By Car Injures Leg In Pasco

Pasco, WA (May 30, 2020) – A 60-year-old motorcycle rider was hit by a car Tuesday at 12:30 PM at the crossing of Argent Road and Road 100.
Pasco Police Sgt. Rodrigo Pruneda later said the motorcyclist sustained heavy injuries to his leg.
Reports said that the biker travelled on Argent behind a vehicle, while the responsible car stopped on Road 100 and tried to cross Argent Road.
The driver didn’t see the motorcycle behind a passing vehicle. It is when the car hit the side of the motorbike at around 12:30 pm.
The driver claimed that the motorcyclist was not clearly visible behind the passing vehicle.
The biker sustained heavy damage to his leg, but fortunately it was nonfatal. Rescuers took him to a nearby medical facility immediately for treatment.
The at-fault driver is an adult female. Police cited her for failing to stop. No further details are available.

Accidents Happen

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