Man Killed in Crash on Maude Avenue and Borregas Avenue [Sunnyvale, CA]

56-Year-Old Woman Hit by a Vehicle on Telegraph Road [Ventura, Ca]

56-Year-Old Woman Hit by a Vehicle on Telegraph Road [Ventura, CA]

56-Year-Old Woman Hit by a Vehicle on Telegraph Road [Ventura, CA]

56-Year-Old woman hit by a Vehicle on Telegraph Road east of Wake Forest Avenue, Ventura, CA

Ventura, Ca. (May 17, 2020) – A 911 call on Friday at 8:25 in the evening alerted the Ventura Police Department. A car hits a pedestrian on Telegraph Road, east of Wake Forest Avenue.
Officers who responded to the call found a 56-year-old woman lying on the road. Ventura City Fire personnel attended to the victim.
AMR respondents immediately arrived at the location of the accident and took the woman to the nearest hospital. The woman’s condition was not disclosed at the time.
Police officers investigating the case say the woman got off a bus on the north side of the street. She abruptly crossed the street in the middle of the block.
Additional report indicates a vehicle almost hit her while she was traversing the eastbound lanes of Telegraph Road.
Luckily, the driver immediately stopped at the last instant.
She ignored the incident and continue to cross the street. Ultimately, the next car accidentally hit her. Fortunately the driver reported the incident.
Meanwhile, the driver called 911 and stayed at the scene, giving officers an easy time with the investigation.

Police investigates the accident

Police says the driver is not under the influence and ruled it out as the cause of the street mishap.
The Ventura Police Traffic Unit are handling the investigation.
In closing, always remember the basics when crossing the street to always be safe. Look left, right, and left again for traffic. Dress in a way that motorists can easily see you. Cross the street at corners or marked cross-ways to avoid these kinds of unfortunate events.

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