12 Tips for Choosing a Car Accident Lawyer in Phoenix

car accident lawyer phoenix

There are over 6 million auto accidents in the United States each year. Over 2 million of these drivers will experience serious injuries due to a crash.

Accident victims often face devastating injuries, high medical bills, lost wages, and other hardships. If you’re dealing with injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you have rights.

It’s in your best interest to consult a car accident lawyer in Phoenix. Choosing the right lawyer is a big decision.

If you’re wondering how to choose the right lawyer for your case, we can help! Here are 12 tips for hiring an attorney.

1. Ask for Referrals

One way to find a good car accident lawyer is by asking for referrals. Ask your family, friends, and co-workers if they know a good personal injury lawyer.

This can help you develop a list of qualified lawyers who have experience handling these types of cases. It’s a safe bet that someone you know has needed a car accident lawyer in the past.

Find out what they think about the service they received and their overall impression of the attorney. Getting a few referrals from people you trust is a good place to start.

2. Attorney Specialization 

Some attorneys try to do it all and specialize in multiple areas of the law. If you’re in need of a car accident lawyer, you want someone who routinely handles these types of cases.

A car accident attorney fights for the rights of clients who have suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence. This requires specific knowledge and skill. 

You want a lawyer who specializes in fighting for the rights of car accident victims. It’s a good idea to consult a qualified attorney as soon as possible following an accident.

3. The Right Experience

Experience is a valuable asset for an attorney. Although an inexperienced lawyer may do a good job, choosing an experienced attorney is a safer choice.

Personal injury cases and car accident cases in particular can be complex and highly technical. You want an attorney who has extensive knowledge of the legal system and the complexities of car accident cases.

They should be a skilled negotiator and have the finesse to deal with insurance companies. Overall, you want an attorney who has the expertise to fight for your rights and a favorable outcome in your case.

4. A Solid Reputation

Do your research to make sure the Phoenix car accident lawyer you choose has a solid reputation in the community. Attorneys with a stellar reputation have a proven track record of success.

They have the respect of their clients and peers. Ask whether the attorney has received awards or belongs to a professional association. 

Search online for customer reviews. Those who have had a very good or very poor experience with a lawyer are often the ones who leave reviews.

Learn what previous clients had to say about their experience and satisfaction with the attorney or law firm in question.

Car crashes are a common occurrence, and there are many personal injury lawyers to choose from. Make sure the one you choose has a solid reputation in your community and the legal profession.

5. History of Success

Someone may call themselves a car accident lawyer but have very little experience with these types of cases. Although there are plenty of personal injury lawyers out there, you want one with a history of success with car accident cases.

Education and experience matter. But these qualities don’t always translate to success in and out of the courtroom.

Before deciding on a personal injury lawyer, ask questions. Consider their track record and history of fighting for their clients and the best possible outcomes on their behalf.

6. Understand Their Fees

When hiring a lawyer, you should understand the types of charges you may see as they work on your case. Getting involved in a lawsuit can be a long, costly endeavor. 

You want to understand the fee structure before hiring an attorney. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. 

They get paid after you reach a settlement or win your case. Be sure to ask about any initial fees or other fees you may incur as the case proceeds. 

A reputable attorney will be transparent about all fees associated with their legal services.

7. A Skilled Negotiator

Most personal injury cases do not end up in court. Most are settled out of court with careful negotiation. You want an attorney who knows how to deal with insurance companies.

The insurance company will work hard to offer you the smallest settlement you will accept. You want your attorney fighting every step of the way to get you the maximum compensation possible.

A good lawyer can spot a lowball offer and press the insurance company for a higher settlement. Having a fighter and a strong negotiator on your side is in your best interest.

8. Convenient Location

If you’re dealing with the stress of an injury, the last thing you want to do is travel a great distance to see an attorney. If you live in Phoenix or the surrounding area, choose an experienced Phoenix car accident attorney.

An attorney in another town may have the experience and track record you’re looking for. But driving back and forth may be stressful and expensive for you.

Choose a lawyer who is local and close to where you live or work. Find a car accident lawyer who’s willing to come to you if you can’t drive or travel to their location.

9. Read All the Paperwork

Before you hire a Phoenix auto accident attorney, be sure to read all the paperwork, including the fine print. You want to understand your agreement and the fee structure before you sign.

Ask as many questions as you need to ask. You want to feel completely comfortable with your decision. 

The attorney should be willing to answer your questions and address your concerns. If they seem hesitant or bothered by your inquiry, keep looking for the right lawyer.

10. Listens to You

You may have to spend weeks or even months working with a Phoenix car accident lawyer. You want someone who will listen to your version of the accident and the impact it has had on your life.

The attorney must be able to tell your story and fight for your rights. This is only possible if they listen to you and understand your situation.

You need an attorney who will communicate with you. Although you don’t need a daily report, you do want someone who will update you regularly on the status of your case. 

11. Accessible

Find out how and when they plan to communicate with you as your case progresses. Be sure to ask what’s the best way to contact them if you have a question or concern about your case.

The attorney’s staff should be friendly and accessible as well. If the staff isn’t available during the hiring process, they probably won’t be available when you need them later.

Make sure you’re choosing a firm that cares about its clients and knows the importance of communicating with them as they handle your car accident case.

12. Do Your Research

Choosing a car accident lawyer is a big decision. There’s a lot at stake. 

Before deciding on an attorney, do some online research. Try a Google search, your local bar association, and social media sites.

Check out reviews or testimonials from past clients. Ask people you trust for referrals. Taking the time to ask around and do a little research could save you from a bad decision.

You probably do some research before any major purchase. Treat this decision with the same careful consideration.

You’ve suffered enough. It’s time to put your trust in the hands of an honest Phoenix car accident attorney. 

Hire the Best Car Accident Lawyer in Phoenix

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you may be facing painful injuries, mounting medical bills, lost wages, and more. If your injuries are due to the negligence of another, you have rights.

At Sweet Law, we know how difficult it is to get back on your feet after a serious accident. We have over forty years of experience helping accident victims and their families.

In car accident cases, it’s a good idea to hire an attorney as soon as possible following an accident. If you’re in need of a car accident lawyer in Phoenix, we’re here to help!

Contact Sweet Law today for a free consultation.

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