12 Telltale Signs You Need to Hire a Tucson Auto Accident Attorney 

auto accident attorney

Did you know that nearly 5 million people are seriously injured in car crashes yearly? What makes this statistic even more shocking is that 43,000 of this number die of their injuries.

A bad car accident can leave you wounded, unable to work, traumatized, and possibly even grieving the tragic loss of a loved one. No one should experience this pain. However, if you have, you may be entitled to compensation from the person or entity that caused your wreck.

An auto accident attorney can help you to get all the money you deserve and more. Read on to learn some key signs that you should call a lawyer to help you win your car accident case.

What Should You Do Immediately After a Crash?

Before we dive into all the signs you may need to hire the best auto accident attorney, let’s talk about what you should do immediately after a car accident.

Gathering appropriate evidence and getting the ball rolling right away can make or break a court case. So, first and foremost, contact the police, get treatment for any injuries you may have, and move your car to a safe location.

If you have injuries, make sure to get examined by a medical professional to get an official medical record started.

Wait to leave the scene of the accident until the police tell you it’s okay to do so and be sure to get contact information for the other driver before you leave. Then, reach out to your insurance company and document as much of the accident scene as possible with notes, photos, and sketches.

You should aim to get in touch with an auto accident attorney immediately after a wreck.

Never admit fault, and never sign documents from the police or your insurance agent without consulting your attorney. It’s also a good idea to avoid posting about your crash on social media until after the case is closed.

1. You’ve Come Away With Serious Injuries

One of the first signs you need a car accident lawyer is if you got injured in your crash.

In many cases, serious injuries can have a long-lasting impact on your life, both physically and emotionally. Even if you make a full physical recovery, you may be traumatized for years due to your injury.

If the car accident wasn’t your fault, you could be entitled to compensation for all your pain and suffering. The greater your injury and its impact, the more you could collect damages.

You’ll be facing massive medical bills, so you’ll want that settlement money to help cover those expenses.

2. You’re Suffering From Long-Term or Permanent Injuries

In some cases, injuries from a car accident may not heal with time. So, in addition to the emotional trauma, you find yourself with lifelong conditions resulting from your crash.

Extreme examples include paralysis or loss of a limb, but you could face chronic pain, weakness, or other issues that persist for the rest of your life.

If you have permanent injuries resulting from a car crash, you may face a lifetime of medical expenses, suffering, and lower quality of life. You may have to switch careers or retire altogether, and you’ll have to learn to navigate life in your new condition.

You deserve compensation for that pain and loss, and a Tucson auto accident attorney can help you to get it.

3. One of the People in the Car Died in the Accident

Of course, in the worst-case scenario, someone may lose their life in a car accident.

If this person were a passenger in your car, you’d have to deal with the emotional pain of losing a loved one so tragically. And unfortunately, you may also be left with medical bills for their treatment before they die and funeral and burial costs.

If the accident was the other driver’s fault, they should be held responsible for the loss you and your loved one suffered. An appropriate settlement won’t bring back your loved one, but it can help to cover some of the expenses you may be facing.

An accident attorney can help you get all the money you’re entitled to in light of your loss.

4. You’ve Been Forced to Miss Work or Lost Your Job

If you were seriously injured in a car accident, you might miss work for several days, weeks, or months.

Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may never be able to work again. If you only have to be absent for a short time, your leave may be covered, but longer stretches may leave you without pay.

Now, not only are you sitting on medical bills that are already debilitating, but you can’t even earn money to pay for them.

If you lose your job, you could lose health insurance coverage and other benefits. You’ll need an auto accident attorney in Tucson to help you recover those lost wages and cover the care you need.

5. The Car That Was Damaged Was Expensive

Of course, people aren’t the only victims of car accidents. Sometimes, one or both of the vehicles involved get damaged, too.

If you’re driving a car priced low to mid-range, your case may be straightforward enough to handle through an insurance company. But if you drive a more expensive vehicle, you could be looking at the loss of a serious asset.

The case can get even more complicated if you drive a rare car with a lot of value.

Finding replacement parts may not be as simple as running down to your local junkyard, and those repairs can cost quite a lot. You may be entitled to money to help with those repairs or to compensate you for the loss of the car if it’s beyond repair.

6. The Accident Was Caused by a Defective Part

In some cases, neither driver was at fault in a car accident. Instead, it was caused by the car itself.

If a defective part of your car causes the accident, you may still need compensation for any injuries or suffering you experienced. But who do you hold responsible when the vehicle itself caused your accident?

As you may guess, the car manufacturer is responsible for these situations. But going head-to-head with a major manufacturing company on your own is legal suicide. You need an experienced lawyer to fight your case and hold the company responsible for its defect.

7. You Were Driving a Corporate Vehicle at the Time of the Accident

Unfortunately, defective parts aren’t the only way you could find yourself facing off against a corporation.

If a person driving a company car is involved in an accident, technically, the company is the liable party, not the driver. Since they provided the vehicle to the driver, they are legally considered responsible in part for your injuries and suffering.

The bad news is that most companies will immediately hire the most expensive lawyers they can find to defend them. Not only do they not want to pay for your medical bills, but they also don’t want bad publicity for their company.

You’ll need a talented lawyer in your corner helping to hold the company responsible and to get you your money.

8. There Are Multiple Parties Involved in the Accident

Some wrecks are a little more complicated than a simple sideswipe, rear-end, or t-bone crash. For example, multiple cars can be impacted, especially if one or more of the cars involved are moving at high speeds.

But how do you decide who’s responsible for a wreck if multiple cars are affected?

Depending on which state you live in, liability can be split among multiple different drivers. This means that the compensation you get and the amount you pay can get very complex. You’ll need an auto accident attorney to help you avoid getting pinned with too much responsibility and ensure you’re getting your fair settlement.

9. One (or More) of the Participants Was Driving Under the Influence

Another complicating factor in car accidents is if someone is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Driving under the influence is a significant crime in every state, and the person who caused the accident could face jail time. This risk increases significantly if you get permanently injured or someone gets killed in the crash.

If your accident resulted from someone driving under the influence, you could be entitled to even more compensation. You may also need to testify in a criminal case and present evidence about the accident.

Your auto accident attorney will be able to help you navigate this process and make sure the other driver gets brought to justice.

10. Who Is at Fault Is Under Dispute

One of the most common complications with car accident cases is determining who was at fault.

Let’s say, for instance, that two cars turn into an intersection simultaneously and collide. Who had the right of way? Who was responsible for causing the accident?

Determining liability can be critical for deciding who gets compensation, especially in states that assign fault for every crash. If a judge determines that you’re liable, you could be looking at paying the other person a settlement rather than the other way around.

You want an auto accident attorney to help prove that you aren’t responsible and deserve a settlement.

11. You Failed to Gather Enough Evidence

Often, car accident cases aren’t cut and dry, and you may need evidence to support your claim. Knowing what to gather and how to get proof from the appropriate sources can be challenging. You may also have to worry about meeting the statute of limitations for your case.

An auto accident attorney knows exactly which pieces of evidence you’ll need to win your case, and they can help you gather them. They can work with your medical team, the police, your insurance agency, and even third-party security companies to collect everything they need.

Not only does this help you build a stronger case, but it also takes most of that workload off your plate.

12. Your Settlement Offer Was Too Low

Sometimes, your car accident may be cut and dry enough that even the insurance companies will admit you deserve a settlement. But you won’t be surprised to learn that no insurance company will go in offering the fair settlement price you deserve.

Instead, they’ll lead with a lowball offer in the hopes that you just accept it and walk away.

A competent auto accident attorney won’t let you get cheated out of the money you deserve. They know what an appropriate settlement is and can negotiate with the insurance companies to get you a fair payout.

If the insurance company doesn’t agree to a fair settlement, your lawyer can prove in court that you deserve more money.

Hire the Right Auto Accident Attorney Today

Car accidents can be devastating, but you could be entitled to compensation if you get injured.

The best auto accident attorney can help you get all the money you deserve and defend you from liability accusations. It’s imperative to seek help if a company was involved in the crash or received a settlement offer lower than what you deserve.

If you’d like to hire the right auto accident attorney, check out the rest of our site at Sweet Lawyers. We are experienced personal injury lawyers who will be here for you 24/7 every step of the way.

Schedule a free consultation with us today and discover why we’ve earned the title Best Attorneys of America.

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