2 People Injured in Single-Vehicle Crash on Telephone Road and Transport Street [Ventura County, CA]

Woman Injured in Single-Vehicle Crash on East Childs Avenue [Merced, CA]

Woman Injured in Single-Vehicle Crash on East Childs Avenue [Merced, CA]

Woman Injured in Single-Vehicle Crash on East Childs Avenue [Merced, CA]

Police Investigate a Single-Vehicle Crash on East Childs Avenue

Merced, CA (March 10, 2021) – Wednesday night, police investigated a single-vehicle crash in front of Golden Valley Highschool in the area of East Childs Avenue.
The Merced crash happened at around 9 PM on East Childs Avenue and Parsons Avenue.
Police responded to the report and located a Dodge pickup rolled on its driver’s side. Moreover, authorities detained a man on the scene, and a woman was in the ambulance. Her injuries remain unknown.
Authorities further investigate what caused this East Childs Avenue crash.

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